Places To Visit In Norfolk

Places To Visit In NorfolkA cousin of mine is a great longboard enthusiast and takes part in several longboard competitions. He visited us, while on the way to one such competition. Though I like longboarding I’m not an expert in it.  He gave me some tips on the great longboards available that help in enjoying the ride more. Since my cousin had not visited Norfolk before, he wanted to know about the city and its surrounding places of interest. I gave him a list of places that he should see without fail and also a bit about the history of Norfolk.

Norfolk is one of the few counties that have a diverse environment with different personalities. The city has many tourist attractions that encompass both medieval history and modern architecture. Norfolk, Norwich and the surrounding regions are full of exciting and heritage rich places making them ideal destination spots. Norwich especially is the best place for a perfect retail therapy.

When you go further away from Norwich, you get to see some wonderful market towns, picturesque villages and well preserved buildings that speak of Georgian splendor. The landscape reflects ancient heritage and is dotted by arable farms and fields, pastureland and grazing which are interspersed with man mad and unique Broads. The Fens wetlands give visitors a taste of wilderness.

A visitor to Norfolk is sure to notice the diverse life style from the laid back coastal villages, which once prospered as ports, to the now bustling metropolis. The costal Norfolk extending over 93 miles has been designated as Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is surrounded by the scenic Hunstanton and Yarmouth seaside. The northern part of Norfolk has salt marshes, while the eastern side has dunes and marram grass that appeal to visitors greatly. The beaches are studded with pines.

The most significant attraction in Norfolk is its numerous medieval churches. The horizon is punctuated with church towers and Norfolk is said to have the most number of medieval churches in the world. The main industry here is weaving, which is mostly concentrated in Worstead and North Washam towns. Before the industrial revolution it was the one of the densely populated areas in the country, but with the weaving being moved to other places, the city lost its erstwhile popularity. But this has also resulted in the landscape being unchanged and making it a tourist’s delight.

Norfolk has over 6000 miles of smooth roads that make it a great place for longboarding, which I mentioned to my cousin. He was excited and wanted to try his special longboard on the roads. I myself have longboarded on these roads and found the experience exhilarating and very enjoyable. In fact I learnt longboarding on these roads only. The idyllic scenery lets you enjoy and relax completely.  Besides longboarding, travelling along the coast is a great way to see the country side in all its splendor.  You can explore Norfolk and its surrounding regions to your hearts fill and save up the rest for your next visit, which you are sure to make.