10 Most Wanted Jobs in the UK

10 Most Wanted Jobs in the UKEver wondered to work abroad? UK is the perfect place to start your career, so we have made a top 10 list of most wanted jobs in UK for 2014. See it for yourself:

Healthcare Positions

There still seems to be a shortage of skilled and motivated healthcare workers in the UK and  there are also plenty of UK residents who desire to enter the healthcare field. Some of the most wanted healthcare positions in the UK include medical practitioners, radiographers, dentists, cardiology specialists. People in the UK are living longer and retiring later so this requires the filling of more healthcare positions.

Information Technology

Much of the world operates on computers and this is the main reason why there is a strong  need for information technology workers in the UK as in other parts of the world. The median average salary for information technology workers in the UK is 63,022 pounds, which would  be $100,000 in US dollars. You can work as an IT manager at a company, a webmaster, a web designer or as an IT consultant on a freelance basis.

Law Enforcement

Because of the threat of terrorism and the rise of other security concerns in the UK, one of the most wanted jobs in the UK is law enforcement. You can work as a police officer, detective, or in an administrative position at local law enforcement agencies or police districts. The average salary for an officer is 53,997 pounds.

Financial Services

The financial services sector continues to grow in the UK and as of last year there were over 260.000 jobs added in this industry. Some good jobs in this sector include financial analyst, tax collector, loan officer, bank teller, stockbroker, and bank branch manager.

Media And Advertising

The media in the UK is growing significantly and this is especially true with the rise of online media outlets such as social media and on-demand videos that people can watch in real time.  Some neat jobs within the media sector to have include TV broadcasting, radio broadcasting,  online news editor, online advertising, advertising director, and promotions assistant as well as print media outlets.

Chief Executive Officers

As the needs of businesses grow and as there continues to be regulations from the federal government regarding how those businesses should operate, there will continue to be a strong need for chief executive officers who understand what it takes to keep corporations relevant and fiscally stable.

Legal Profession

Not only is this is one of the most wanted jobs but it is also one of the top paying jobs in the  UK. The average salary for those in the legal profession varies depending on the kind of job you have within the field but generally the salary is between 30,000 and 91,000 pounds annually.


According to RecruitmentBuzz.co.uk, there has been an increase of 74% in consttruction jobs  in the UK last year and there will continue to be an increase in this sector. The income that you can earn in this sector is also steady and this means that UK residents interested in this field  will have a comfortable living.

Green Jobs

With the growing interest among UK residents in sustainable living and a greener lifestyle, it is no surprise that there is a hot demand for green jobs. According to an article in The  Guardian, there has been a 14% rise in solar industry jobs although the UK still lags behind China and Brazil when it comes to green jobs.


Another one of the most wanted jobs in the UK is utilities. There will be an increase in the  addition of new jobs to this sector for the rest of this year as more utility companies will see an increase in the number of people seeking their services.