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About UsThis website is dedicated to help people know more about Norfolk, UK and all that this region has to offer. We want to inspire you to not only visit Norfolk but to also consider relocating there. Norfolk is a rural area so it is ideal for those who want to live in the UK but are not interested in living in the bigger cities such as London or Leeds. When you chat with Norfolk residents you’ll hear a lovely accent that is unique to that area. The residents there use soft consonants in their speech and they usually talk in an inviting tone. Norfolk residents are also more laid back than those living in London.

Things to Do in Norfolk

If you’re a nature lover you’ll like Norfolk because it has a spot where you can spend hours watching the beautiful birds. If you’re looking for great Norwalk cuisine you can visit some of the mom-and-pop restaurants and pubs because there you can enjoy some of the area’s freshest fish in the form of fish dishes. The restaurants are also a great way to get to know Norfolk residents and learn the history and culture of the region.


We have lived in Norfolk for a few years and we see this region as an oasis where we can experience a softer and rustic side of the UK. The weather here is amazing with periods of cold and rainy periods during the winter months. On our website you’ll learn about the best hotels, the best activities and the best places to get food if you want to cook in your inn rather than visit the restaurants. O n this website you’ll also find trivia that you didn’t know about this region and we’ll give a variety of resources for people who are relocating to Norfolk.