Benefits of Heated Pools

Benefits-of-Heated-PoolsEveryone who owns a heated pool knows one of the main benefits to owning one is the fact it can be used all year – even when weather conditions would normally prevent people from swimming. The warm water is great when it’s cold outside and that’s a major reason people go for heated pools in the first place.

But there are other benefits to having a heated pool which aren’t so immediately apparent. For starters, cold weather makes water freeze. In unheated pools, this could cause serious damage to the pool itself or the surrounding area. Even draining a pool doesn’t guarantee all the pipes are dry.

The problem with this is water expands as it gets colder, which means it might cause the pipes to expand as well as it freezes during the winter months. Owners of heated pools never need to worry about this happening, since the constantly moving warm water prevents freezing and the associated damage. This might not be worth the cost of keeping the pool heated all winter for some owners, but thankfully there are kits and chemicals which can help to effectively purge the pipes of all water. Still, this lack of freezing is a benefit, so it’s listed here.

This next one isn’t something too many people think of when they install a heated pool, but it’s also a prtty solid benefit to owning one. While a pool can add some value to a home if it should be sold later, a heated pool is worth a lot more, because of the convenience and lack of worry which generally come from owning one, as opposed to a standard pool. If you’re looking specifically to add value to your home though, the best upgrade for the money is probably to add another bathroom. This doesn’t detract from the benefit provided by the pool though.

So what’s the best heater for a pool? That’s going to depend on the size and depth of your pool, or ultimately the number of gallons of water which need to be heated. Water doesn’t hold heat as well as the earth, though it does keep heat energy longer than things like sand. Consider the cost of heating up the pool before use compared to keeping the pool at a moderate temperature as a rule. Different heaters perform better under different circumstances, though some never perform well at all. The poolheater might be a good place to start your search.

Considering the benefits of having a heater in your pool, it’s something you should probably get if you have a pool that’s lacking a heater. If you already have a routine set where you don’t swim during the colder months or maybe travel somewhere else to do it, you probably don’t need a heater, but they’re still kind of nice to have anyhow. There are many different options available for getting the job done as well, thanks to a great number of manufacturers and heaters which come in all kinds of sizes.