Best Gardens To Visit in Norfolk

Best Gardens To Visit in NorfolkThere are many exciting and amazing things to do in Norfolk – from kayaking to exploring the city. One of the many activities which a tourist or a local can do in Norfolk is visiting its beautiful gardens. There are many gardens in Norfolk – from small but charming cottage gardens, to exquisite water gardens, lovely home gardens and also bigger gardens in which you can take a stroll. So take some food and a day off, and visit some of these wonderful green oases.

  1. Pensthorpe

You can find three amazing gardens full of wildlife in Pensthorpe. They were designed by award-winning gardeners, and are settled in a lovely lakeside location, which makes them perfect for a leisurely afternoon. These three are the Wildlife Habitat Garden, the Wave Line Garden and the Millennium Garden.

  1. Raveningham Gardens

Raveningham Gardens were made by just one person – Priscilla Bacon. She worked on them for over 50 years, and managed to create magnificent gardens and an impressive legacy. Recently an herb garden was also added, as well as some contemporary sculptures.

  1. Bickling Hall

Bickling Hall boasts over fifty five acres of amazing meadows and lawns, as well as a temple and a lake. The garden admits visitors all year long, as there is plenty to see in every season. Take a stroll around the gardens and enjoy the beautiful flora, and if you’re up for some solitary relaxation, sit down in a quiet spot and reflect on the beauty of nature.

  1. East Ruston Old Vicarage

East Ruston Old Vicarage is one of the best designed and best-kept gardens in the whole country. It is privately owned, but visitors are allowed to visit and see the amazing care and detail that has been put into the gardens. There are numerous plants, from exotic greenery, to desert cacti and prehistoric ferns. They use LED grow lights for some of their plants, so they can grow even out of their natural habitat.

  1. Mannington

Mannington is a medieval manor, so it’s worth visiting in and of itself, but it also boasts amazing gardens on the premises. There are countless varieties of plants, over fifty types of trees and shrubs, and a whole range of settings. If you’re a fan of roses, this spot will particularly delight you – Mannington manor is proud of their thousands of roses from all classical varieties. There is a Modern Rose Garden in which you can see roses with designs which show their date of origin – there are even some from the 15th century!

  1. Hindringham Hall Gardens 

Hindringham Hall Gardens are considered to be the perfect spot for a day out. The gardens boast a complete moat – one of the few in the country. It also has walled gardens in which many different types of fruits and vegetables grow, as well as numerous herbs. It also has a daffodil area, and it’s an interesting sight to see when the daffodils open and turn white, and the wind blows carrying their seed everywhere!