The foods you cannot miss in Norfolk!

The foods you cannot miss in Norfolk! Norfolk is this beautiful county in the United Kingdom which always has something to offer to its people and the tourists. It covers an area of 2074 square miles and has some of the best and the most beautiful scenic spots. The North Sea covers the northern and the eastern boundaries of Norfolk.

Here, you can engage in a number of activities like water sports, visiting exhibitions, participating in theatres and the likes. Fishing is also common in this part of the world. If you are a fishing enthusiast visiting Norfolk, you might find http://fishinggadgetshub.com/ helpful.

But one thing Norfolk is famous for here is the food. It brings you some of the best dishes on a platter, pleasing your taste buds like nothing else. You will get an assortment of edibles that you will cherish. Let us go through a list of some of the best this county has to offer!

Stiffkey cockles: This is one of Norfolk’s favorite, coming in lighter colors of grey or lavender. These make for a sumptuous meal. What you can do is get these steamed and include it in your soup. You could also eat it separately with some vinegar.

Mustard: Norfolk is famous for its lush yellow mustard fields. A little into the country side, you will be greeted by large mustard cultivations that you have to try out. There are plenty of preparations with this ingredient of course!

Turkey: In this part of the world, turkey is not only reserved for the special Thanksgiving day. It is a delightful meal during any time of the year. Turkey meatballs are a common item in a lot of restaurant menus here.

Cheese: Every place in the world has a characteristic food item to define itself. You can identify France with the best champagnes. In Norfolk, the heavenly name is cheese. One of the best cheese productions in the whole of the United Kingdom happens in this small country and you will love it here. The blue veined cheese is something that you will absolutely cherish!

The foods you cannot miss in Norfolk!Cromer crab: These small brown crabs are treated as a big delicacy in this county. These are sweet and these are meaty, ideal for the sea food lover. There is a reason why cromer crabs are so common here. These are extremely healthy and these come with low fat content. These crabs, with black pepper and lemon juice form a great meal for most of the people in Norfolk. If you ever go fishing in the Norfolk waters, remember that the meaty cromer crabs thrive in the shallow waters! Click here to get help on your fishing adventures with these fish finders.

Beer & Whiskey: Norfolk is sure to quench your thirst for beer. With the maximum number of microbreweries in the country, this place will surely give you a good drink to enjoy your stay here. The whiskey is award winning here attracting attention from the tourists.

With a list of some of the best foods in Norfolk, we assure you that the food lovers won’t be disappointed here!