The Beauty of Living in the Countryside

The Beauty of Living in the CountrysideA lot of retirees dream to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life and settle down in rural areas, like Norfolk, where life is simpler and healthier, and the environment is cleaner. In the rural, you get to enjoy nature at its finest. It’s rather unlikely for you to look for an LED grow light, head to this link for some nice reviews.

But it is not only retirees who are now opting to live in the countryside. As a matter of fact, a growing number of professionals are actually moving to the rural areas, but not to retire. Technological advances and increased connectivity now enables workers to leave the city life while still working. In many industries, you just need a reliable internet connection and a computer, laptop, or tablet to get your work done. Many companies have also been more inclined to these working arrangements.

Interestingly, a recent study revealed that Britons living in rural areas are happier about their quality of life and tend to be more optimistic than those who live in the city. While there are a lot of benefits living in the city, there also seems a lot of disadvantages – and so does living in the countryside. If you are contemplating about moving to rural areas, like Norfolk, but are uncertain whether it is a good decision, the following benefits might help you think it through.

  1. Privacy and tranquility

Unlike in towns and cities, the countryside is less populated. Urban areas have a very dense living condition and sometimes it is impossible to move around without being seen by others. Usually, living quarters are situated along the roads where horrendous, non-stop traffic would pester you. In rural areas, houses are far from each other and you might even hardly see a neighbor. The slow paced lifestyle also makes your life more relaxed and calm, and there seems to be no reason to be in a hurry.

  1. Nature abounds

The countryside is often synonymous to nature. You wake up to the chirping of birds and sleep to the calming breeze of air. Homes are surrounded by nature – a variety of colorful plants and wildlife such as butterflies, rabbits, birds, and even deer. The sight and sound of nature has a relaxing effect on the body and mind. In the city, you have to travel and leave your place just to be in commune with nature.

  1. Open space

One of the most common problems in cities and towns is the lack of open space for people to play around, recreate or rest. In rural areas, there are just a lot of open, empty spaces where you can spend your entire day. You could play with your kids, jog around, do outdoor activities, and more.

  1. Clean air

Air quality in many urban areas has been found to be unhealthy due to excessive pollution from cars and factories. This is not a problem in rural areas due to the lack of air pollutants. As you might well know, clean air is good for the health and overall well-being.

  1. Friendlier neighborhood

Rural areas have smaller communities so people are much closer and connected with each other. Here you can casually greet anyone ‘hello.’ In some rural areas, people tend to know everyone.

  1. Peace and order

Crowded rural living areas have higher incidence of crime. Meanwhile, the countryside has always enjoyed a lower crime rate. In fact in many towns, such as in Norfolk, crime is virtually non-existent and you will feel very safe and secured.

Finally, when deciding whether to move to the countryside or not, you have to consider your lifestyle. Choose a place where you think your heart will be happy, and you’ll never go wrong!


The Canaries beating the Red Devils was no surprise

The Canaries beating the Red Devils was no surpriseOur dedicated work essentially being a website showcasing all the wonders of our beautiful and broader Norfolk in the United Kingdom, we decided we’d take a different route to an institution in county seat Norwich. In the heart of the city, it is called Carrow Road, and it is the home ground of the city’s pride and joy, Norwich City FC, also fondly known as the Canaries.

It has to be said, though, that there was nothing canary-like about the city’s favorite football team’s recent exploits. This is the second season running in which the Canaries have bravely endured the robust nature of England’s English Premier League.

Paying tribute to the mighty Canaries

We’ve just been thinking how cold it has been getting lately. For this time of the year, this is nothing unusual and we are all of us, quite use to it. We are already counting the days to spring and the first chirrups of those little, yellow birds the famed football team have been named after. If you are thinking about visiting Norfolk next year, you’ll need to schedule a visit to Norfolk Broads, famous for its birdlife.

But for locals, and particularly the fanatics, we’ve come up with a novel idea to keep warm with for the next few weeks. We thought; why not build a little bird house in honor of the team’s famous, but unsurprising victory over the Red Devils now the other day. Masters of DIY are showcasing a handy list of wood lathes that are great for carving the perfect home for those little yellow fellows or any of the other birds that visit your garden during spring. Norwich is also famed for its expanding retail space, so there’s no shortage of hardware stores for locals (or you) to buy other implements needed for the bird house.

Lots of places to celebrate famous victories

Anyway, back to that historic afternoon at Carrow Road. It’s been just over twenty-five years since Norwich City FC last beat England’s most famous and most successful EPL team, Manchester United. The home victory for the Canaries was no surprise as we’ve been saying all along. The team has been hard at work on the training ground, making sure that they survive the holiday round of fixtures and stay out of the relegation scrap next year at the end of the season.

Pound for pound, for a team valued in excess of two hundred million pounds and with the sort of reputation they have, their loss to Norwich’s home team was disappointing. Respectfully, they had the grace to acknowledge that our boys played pretty well into the bargain. Interestingly, one famous football son, Mark Robbins, went on to play for the Red Devils back in the day.

Thankfully, Norwich’s pubs, restaurants and cafeterias were more than able to handle the joyful crowds who left Carrow Road after the referee’s whistle blew for the last time that afternoon.


Construction Jobs in Norfolk

Construction Jobs in NorfolkWe talk about all kinds of different things related to Norfolk here. From sports teams and games, to special events, to educational opportunities and more, we just love telling the world what’s happening here. But today, it seems most appropriate to discuss job opportunities. Specifically, jobs in construction are looking very good right now here in Norfolk. To be fair, construction is an industry like food service, or bars and clubbing, or stylization. It’s one of those things which is constantly needed, despite the ups and downs in the business. Right now, construction in Norfolk is definitely up.

If you need proof, don’t take our word for it. Just go and search for construction jobs in Norfolk, UK and you’ll see for yourself from a handful of different websites that there is a humongous demand for skilled, qualified construction personnel here in Norfolk. That said, if you’re a mason, or machine operator, or foreman, or really anything to do with construction at all, it might be a good idea for you to take a hard look at the opportunities available today. Some businesses will even pay for relocation expenses if you’re coming from another country, or even from the other side of the world.

If you’re into construction, then you probably have some of your own tools already. Most handy people like that do. Knowing how to use a wide variety of tools could help someone to get a job in construction which would otherwise go to someone else. Especially useful tools, like the reciprocating saw, are great to own and understand for anyone in construction. You can learn more about those at http://jasonsawreviews.com/best-reciprocating-saw-reviews/ if you don’t know anything about them already. For a handheld automatic saw, they’re capable of cutting through many different materials.

Because such a small, portable tool can replace so many others by combining their functions into one device, it’s really rather useful. More information about those electric saws can be seen if you visit this site. But getting back to construction and Norfolk, there are literally hundreds of jobs open right now, for people of all skill levels. There might even be a bit of a boom for building things here, considering the number of openings which are popping up and demanding to be filled. Construction is a field of opportunity, finding work and taking it when it is available. Right now, there is work available.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there will always be so much work related to construction available here in Norfolk. These jobs tend to come and go in waves as the economy is more prosperous and more people are building, or less prosperous with fewer people investing in buildings and construction. This is the kind of work that people need to be willing to move in order to get. If you’re willing to move, you might want to take a long, hard look at construction opportunities available in Norfolk right now. You will be pleasantly surprised by just how many there are.


Playing golf on courses in Norfolk

Playing golf on courses in NorfolkIf there is a place in the UK where golfers can enjoy, then it is certainly Norfolk. The golf is here very popular among the people and it is not unusual to stay in a hotel that has its own golf course. Norfolk is a part of the United Kingdom, which has the most sun, and which is relatively flat. That is, we must admit, an ideal combination for the development of this sport.

Enjoying golf means that you have the appropriate equipment for golf. Golfoid.com is a place where you can start purchasing your equipment. However, the equipment itself is insufficient unless you have terrain to play. Maybe you do not have your terrain, but if you go to Norfolk, some of the great courts will give you a great surface for playing. Here are some golf courses that you can visit when you come to Norfolk.

Royal West Norfolk is a golf course that was established more than 100 years ago, in 1892. It is clear then why golf is popular in this part of the UK. It is simply a part of the tradition.

Hunstanton is another old golf course built on the land of the Le Strange family. Primarily, it has 9 holes. Later, it was altered and got another 9 holes. Since 1920, there is nothing much changed.

Playing golf on courses in NorfolkSheringham is a beautiful place to play golf, bordered by the North Sea and the North Norfolk Railway. Here you can really enjoy all aspects of golf – in the game, but also in a walk and views of the beautiful landscapes. These walks over the golf course, make golf a real sport that, besides precision and concentration, require good physical condition. This is especially true when you consider that it is necessary to carry the golf clubs. Fortunately, there exists specially designed bags for them, like these.

Royal Cromer is one of the oldest golf courses in the UK, founded 1888. It is located above the sandy beaches. There is, with a good golf game, guaranteed a good view and enjoying time spent outdoors.

These are just some of the golf courses that are worth mentioning. In the area of Norfolk has them in abundance. As we said, golf is a part of the tradition. It is believed that it originates in Scotland during the Middle Ages. Although the inhabitants of this part of the UK are familiar with golf, this should not discourage you if you are a beginner. You have to learn your first golf moves on the golf course, and friendly people of this area will offer a help.

Finally, keep in mind that it is not always possible to predict the score in golf. Given that this is a sport that is performed outdoors, hit depends on the players, but also of the strength of the wind, unevenness of the ground and similar conditions. A weather can outsmart you in the second. And that’s the beauty of this sport. You can never be 100% sure that you will succeed. There’s always a dose of uncertainty.


The best motorcycle tracks in Norfolk

The best motorcycle tracks in NorfolkAre you a lover of motorcycles, high adrenaline and speeding? In Norfolk, there are a lot of places for you! Love toward two-wheelers or four-wheelers and driving on uneven ground can sometimes be very hard. You cannot just sit down to your vehicle and start to drive by fields and forests that are other people’s property. Likewise, you cannot drive on the public road with inadequate speed or setting up obstacles. Therefore, it is necessary to know where are motorcycle trails. Fortunately, in the vicinity of Norfolk, there are several, so you can enjoy in this sport. Let’s mention some of them.

Besthorpe Motocross Track

This motocross track is at 9 miles from Norfolk. There are two tracks with barriers. One is the main, other is the so-called junior track. On this track, you can drive your motorcycle and your quads. Besthorpe Motocross Track works weekends to the dusk. This does not mean that your vehicle does not need good LED lights – as soon as visibility decreases, they will make your vehicle and the road more visible.

Lyng Motocross Track

10 miles from Norfolk is the village Lyng with its Cadders Hill motorcycle track. Motocross events have been held there since 1936. This place has a tradition with which can boast. In the late 60s, there were taking place televised trophy scrambles. In the 90s, this track was the scene of the Grand Prix. More than 30 years there are taking place British Championship events.

The best motorcycle tracks in NorfolkMotoLand UK Mildenhall

This is excellently equipped motorcycle track that offers an adrenaline experience for all levels. In addition to challenging obstacles that should be overcome, this place offers a canteen, showers and toilets – all that is needed for all-day enjoyment in motorcycling. All-day usually means a return home at night. This is just one of the reasons why your vechile should be equipped with a good light. Best lights for UTV vehicles can be found here: http://lightbarland.com/led-light-bars-for-utv/ Moto land is open at Tuesdays Thursdays and Sundays. It is situated 25 miles from Norfolk.

Eastrax East Anglia Super Trax

This is another place characterized with brilliant terrain and even better obstacles. It is one of the best places where you can enjoy the crazy ride. The track is situated 29 miles from Norfolk and has a length of 1.7 miles. It is open 7 days a week.

Wildtracks Motocross Track

This is the track that is used more than 30 years. It is located 28 miles from Norfolk. This place has wide sandy tracks with obstacles, which are intended for various levels of skills – from beginners to adults. Protective equipment is mandatory. Without a helmet, goggles, gloves, boots, you will not be able to enjoy the ride here. Also, there is a limit of noise generated by your car. This place is open on the weekends when weather conditions allow the maintenance of races.

Do you want to start your adrenaline! Go ahead, Norfolk awaits you with ready tracks!


Folks of Norfolk Punch Above Their Weight

Female boxer punching a bagIf you have visited County Norfolk in the North East region of the United Kingdom as a tourist or fellow Briton, getting away from the traffic and smog of your area or just visiting old friends and family, you may have noticed how much the folks down there take things in their stride. You may also have travelled with your local supporter’s club and watched your side take on the Canaries. But if you have never visited Norwich or any of the country towns within Norfolk, never mind. Spend some time with us and we’ll take you on a grand tour of all the sights and sounds and pay a visit to some of the folks who make this north eastern part of Great Britain a promising place to live in.

Still growing

To bring you up to speed, take a few moments reading some of our previous posts. There’s an earlier post on how to take control of your life – not worrying, not stressing, but making amends. We will come to that in a moment. One reason why the people of County Norfolk have managed to survive their past and are now thriving today could be that they are punching above their weight.

Whether you are a visitor or reader, you ought to take the folks from Norwich and their surrounding towns a tad more seriously. By the way, do not let the city’s top football club’s nickname deceive you. Have you ever watched them play recently? The point is this; Norfolk continues to grow stronger; culturally and economically.

Opening doors

When the people of County Norfolk are not taking themselves seriously, they are opening doors to new folks, visitors and tourists, embracing all and sundry. They are opening doors for themselves too, socially and in workmanlike fashion. But world-weary travelers will know that the people of Norfolk are only unique in regard to their regional culture, peculiar dialect and rich heritage. On all other counts, they are no different from city and country dwellers that have similar positive outlooks on life.

Just a recap on our previous post on managing stress; one of the things mentioned was engaging in healthy activities.  What better way than to take it all out on a functional free-standing heavy bag, filled with sand or water to keep it rooted to the ground while you give it all you’ve got. You might also be interested in a Muay Thai punching bag because then you can sock it, much like Norwich City FC does during a Sunday derby.  Boxing isn’t the only sport you can engage in to help you escape from the harsh realities of everyday life.

Punch above your own weight

By now, you know that there’s football (soccer) too. There’s also bowling – indoor ten pin or lawn. There’s squash and tennis. Hiking, even just plain walking. All this and more should help you to punch above your own weight where it really counts, much like the indigenous people of Norfolk have been doing for years.


The foods you cannot miss in Norfolk!

The foods you cannot miss in Norfolk! Norfolk is this beautiful county in the United Kingdom which always has something to offer to its people and the tourists. It covers an area of 2074 square miles and has some of the best and the most beautiful scenic spots. The North Sea covers the northern and the eastern boundaries of Norfolk.

Here, you can engage in a number of activities like water sports, visiting exhibitions, participating in theatres and the likes. Fishing is also common in this part of the world. If you are a fishing enthusiast visiting Norfolk, you might find http://fishinggadgetshub.com/ helpful.

But one thing Norfolk is famous for here is the food. It brings you some of the best dishes on a platter, pleasing your taste buds like nothing else. You will get an assortment of edibles that you will cherish. Let us go through a list of some of the best this county has to offer!

Stiffkey cockles: This is one of Norfolk’s favorite, coming in lighter colors of grey or lavender. These make for a sumptuous meal. What you can do is get these steamed and include it in your soup. You could also eat it separately with some vinegar.

Mustard: Norfolk is famous for its lush yellow mustard fields. A little into the country side, you will be greeted by large mustard cultivations that you have to try out. There are plenty of preparations with this ingredient of course!

Turkey: In this part of the world, turkey is not only reserved for the special Thanksgiving day. It is a delightful meal during any time of the year. Turkey meatballs are a common item in a lot of restaurant menus here.

Cheese: Every place in the world has a characteristic food item to define itself. You can identify France with the best champagnes. In Norfolk, the heavenly name is cheese. One of the best cheese productions in the whole of the United Kingdom happens in this small country and you will love it here. The blue veined cheese is something that you will absolutely cherish!

The foods you cannot miss in Norfolk!Cromer crab: These small brown crabs are treated as a big delicacy in this county. These are sweet and these are meaty, ideal for the sea food lover. There is a reason why cromer crabs are so common here. These are extremely healthy and these come with low fat content. These crabs, with black pepper and lemon juice form a great meal for most of the people in Norfolk. If you ever go fishing in the Norfolk waters, remember that the meaty cromer crabs thrive in the shallow waters! Click here to get help on your fishing adventures with these fish finders.

Beer & Whiskey: Norfolk is sure to quench your thirst for beer. With the maximum number of microbreweries in the country, this place will surely give you a good drink to enjoy your stay here. The whiskey is award winning here attracting attention from the tourists.

With a list of some of the best foods in Norfolk, we assure you that the food lovers won’t be disappointed here!


Surprising Business With Potential In Norfolk

Surprising Business With Potential In NorfolkNorfolk is a wonderful place and there are numerous things that can be done when one decides to visit the area. It is full of attractions to be enjoyed by its visitors as well as local residents and can be seen as one of the hidden gems in the United Kingdom. However, even in such a place the economic downturn that has taken most of the world by storm has led to its residents looking for fresh ideas and new ways of making money.

The need to come up with such ideas has come as a result of the older business functions no longer being as reliable as they were before. The more traditional means of doing business has slowly felt the toll that has been experienced financially and as a result more and more people are suffering from the lack of financial stability that is taking place in many homesteads around the world.

There are a number of businesses however that can be seen to be able to survive the economic downturn that was earlier mentioned. These new ideas on businesses may surprisingly not be as out of this world as one may think. When the mention of new ideas comes into play, one thinks of new businesses that have perhaps not even been invented before but this is not the case. Just like a good food smoker like those at Smokey Steak Ranch the idea of a good business still needs skilled hands in order to properly cook the notion to its fruition. There are a number of businesses that are already in existence but for some reason or another, they have been viewed as either unstable in the setup or simply not reliable enough for one to risk their investments on.

Most individuals look at the notion of starting their own business as one of great involvement and as a result, great risk. When one thinks of a means to invest their savings, the usual idea is that such an investment needs to be a significant one and thus one that will either succeed and ensure the survival of their family for generations to come, or fail and risk making their current situation even worse than it was before.

However, there is another way of looking at this equation, where one does not use as much money as they can when investing and instead of looking for something that will make an individual rich beyond belief, looking for an idea that will be able to comfortably sustain an individual and their family without necessary significantly increasing their financial wealth in the process. Some of these businesses include:

  1. Barbeque Spots – Barbeques are still a popular activity that takes place in Norfolk and thus it holds a lot of potential for one who may be looking to earn some extra money. One does not have to setup an official establishment however and all one needs is a decent BBQ smoker to get started.
  2. Outdoor Cafes – This is also a simple means of making some extra money through the delivery of hot beverages throughout the region through the means of a portable urn that can easily be carried from place to place.

Hunting in Norfolk

Hunting in NorfolkSport hunting is just one of the many entertaining activities both locals and visitors alike can enjoy here in Norfolk. Our little corner of the United Kingdom lies on the eastern bend of the main English island, north of Ipswich and right in the heart of Norwich. The location is admittedly a better place to go fishing, especially with all the immediate access to the English Channel just around the southeast peninsula. Our proximity to the water also opens up many opportunities for hunting birds, including duck, pheasant, goose and several other varieties of waterfowl, as well as other small, land-based game.

Besides brushing up on basic survival skills like catching, killing and preparing animals for food, hunting in Norfolk is a great way to get active. All that fresh air, the walking, the boating, the tracking of prey – it’s a whole lot of exercise for the entire body and even the mind as you try to outsmart various birds, fish and other animals. The one important thing to remember about hunting here in Norfolk is that you won’t get access to any firearms. There are bows and arrows and even some air rifles to be found, both of which do an adequate job or dropping anything you may want to hunt here.

For hunters who are used to taking down prey through non-traditional means, the prospect of hunting with a bow or air gun shouldn’t put off anyone eager enough to come to Norfolk. Others who are used to using guns will have some adjusting to do, to be sure. Regardless of your skill level or experience though, there’s one very easy way to get started hunting fast in Norfolk. First, make sure you have the proper equipment, maybe by visiting a website like http://edgehunting.com. Second, try to get yourself signed up with one of the many hunting clubs which can be found in this area.

The West Norfolk Foxhounds use dogs for their hunting excursions and they may be one of the oldest hound hunting clubs in Norfolk. Farther north, the North Norfolk Harriers also use hounds for hunting packs and have a long, storied history dating back to the 1800s. There are many other hunting parties and clubs to consider as well, but these two are some of the most popular in Norfolk, so they would make good clubs with which to begin your search. Some clubs specialize in hunting certain types of game, like birds or foxes, so look for one which matches your own interests.

If you head over to the BASC website for quarry species and shooting seasons, you’ll be able to read in detail about the different potential game here in Norfolk as well as the proper, legal seasons for hunting said game. You could get into a mountain of trouble by hunting the wrong animal, hunting during the wrong season, or hunting too much of an animal, even if it is within season. Knows the laws, rules and limitations before you make your hunting trip and you can avoid some serious hassle.


Exciting Activities To Do When You Visit Norfolk

Exciting Activities To Do When You Visit NorfolkIf you love adventure sports and outdoor activities in general, you’ll be in for a great time visiting Norfolk and the surrounding regions. The entire Norfolk and Norwich regions are made of sand and clay with no indigenous hard rock formation although you can find plenty of flint.

The area in the west known as The Wash is made of ditches and dykes, which have been created over the centuries to keep the sea from eating up the land. The rivers, which were wider before, now meander through the estuaries that lead to the sea. Even now, you can see the coastline changing continuously with many of the cliffs being eroded by tide and wind. The plenty of waterways has made the region ideal for water-based activities.

The Norfolk Broads is a famous man made broad that has 125 miles of navigable waterways. The region is also home to the only National Park in the UK, which houses a city in it. These waterways are renowned for the water-based activities they have, which include sailing, canoeing, kayaking, and boating.  Visitors can also do these activities in the sea. Further, you can fish, go crabbing, or do rock pooling in the waters. The countryside can be enjoyed on horses. Horse riding is best done at the Great Yarmouth or Fakenham region.

Although Norfolk is considerably flat with no big mountains to speak of it has its own share of hills and valleys. The Thetford forest offers splendid backdrop for trekking and hiking. There are indoor and outdoor archery ranges for those who love archery. The rangers use best recurve bows such as those available at http://archerybootcamp.com.

Exciting Activities To Do When You Visit NorfolkThe Norfolk countryside is also best to enjoy when you take the walking or cycling trips arranged here. The unspoiled and splendid coast is best enjoyed this way.  Train trips are also arranged to those who don’t want the strain of walking or cycling. Norfolk also has beautifully maintained golf courses and bird watching is another pastime that visitors and locals revel in here.

For those who don’t like outdoor activities, the exhibitions, galleries, and concerts in country and classical music help to pass the time happily. The various festivals including food and drink, literature, beer and the Norfolk and Norwich Festival which is held in May keep visitors agog with the entertainment offered. The indoor archery ranges offer another pastime for those who don’t like the outdoor adventures. These are fit for people of all ages. High quality bows such as, the Samik Sage bow- check out this site for more info, make the shooting more precise and satisfactory.

Norfolk has seen many invaders over the centuries including Romans, Normans, Americans, Dutch, and Saxons. The invasions have left behind their mark here making the city rich in cultural and architectural splendor. The Seahenge, which is dated to 2050 BC is a place that features in every travel itinerary to the place, while the Time & Tide Museum gives you a glimpse of the rich fishing industry flourishing in the region. Irrespective of whether you are an outdoor activity enthusiast or an indoor person, Norfolk has its share of activities, attractions, and adventures to suit all pockets and tastes.