Best Gardens To Visit in Norfolk

Best Gardens To Visit in NorfolkThere are many exciting and amazing things to do in Norfolk – from kayaking to exploring the city. One of the many activities which a tourist or a local can do in Norfolk is visiting its beautiful gardens. There are many gardens in Norfolk – from small but charming cottage gardens, to exquisite water gardens, lovely home gardens and also bigger gardens in which you can take a stroll. So take some food and a day off, and visit some of these wonderful green oases.

  1. Pensthorpe

You can find three amazing gardens full of wildlife in Pensthorpe. They were designed by award-winning gardeners, and are settled in a lovely lakeside location, which makes them perfect for a leisurely afternoon. These three are the Wildlife Habitat Garden, the Wave Line Garden and the Millennium Garden.

  1. Raveningham Gardens

Raveningham Gardens were made by just one person – Priscilla Bacon. She worked on them for over 50 years, and managed to create magnificent gardens and an impressive legacy. Recently an herb garden was also added, as well as some contemporary sculptures.

  1. Bickling Hall

Bickling Hall boasts over fifty five acres of amazing meadows and lawns, as well as a temple and a lake. The garden admits visitors all year long, as there is plenty to see in every season. Take a stroll around the gardens and enjoy the beautiful flora, and if you’re up for some solitary relaxation, sit down in a quiet spot and reflect on the beauty of nature.

  1. East Ruston Old Vicarage

East Ruston Old Vicarage is one of the best designed and best-kept gardens in the whole country. It is privately owned, but visitors are allowed to visit and see the amazing care and detail that has been put into the gardens. There are numerous plants, from exotic greenery, to desert cacti and prehistoric ferns. They use LED grow lights for some of their plants, so they can grow even out of their natural habitat.

  1. Mannington

Mannington is a medieval manor, so it’s worth visiting in and of itself, but it also boasts amazing gardens on the premises. There are countless varieties of plants, over fifty types of trees and shrubs, and a whole range of settings. If you’re a fan of roses, this spot will particularly delight you – Mannington manor is proud of their thousands of roses from all classical varieties. There is a Modern Rose Garden in which you can see roses with designs which show their date of origin – there are even some from the 15th century!

  1. Hindringham Hall Gardens 

Hindringham Hall Gardens are considered to be the perfect spot for a day out. The gardens boast a complete moat – one of the few in the country. It also has walled gardens in which many different types of fruits and vegetables grow, as well as numerous herbs. It also has a daffodil area, and it’s an interesting sight to see when the daffodils open and turn white, and the wind blows carrying their seed everywhere!


Pubbing in Norfolk

Pubbing-in-NorfolkEveryone should go on at least one good pub crawl sometime in their life. It’s a great way to see the people who live in an area, try out different foods and drinks and get you better acquainted with a neighborhood. What’s better for learning the roads and streets than walking them, eh?

But there’s another reason trying out different pubs can be an entertaining experience, especially here in Norfolk. The people here enjoy a good drink as much as people from anywhere, but karaoke is a lot more popular now than it ever has been before. Alcohol gets people singing, you know?

While excessive drinking is never a good thing, it’s undeniable that some people get the greatest amount of stress relief by tilting back a few brews and taking in a game or two. Life is certainly stressful and everyone should find a way to deal with that, though the healthier options are probably better for a person in the long run. The singing is really what’s recommended here. Singing, real singing, involves a lot of deep breathing, exercise of the lungs and diaphragm and other good work for the abdomen. See, even if you’re bad at karaoke, you’re still probably getting something good out of doing it.

Some of the stops are pretty attractive parts of our local history here in Norfolk. The Pigs on Norwich Road is a highly rated place and it’s one I’ve even been to a few times myself. The building is something like 400 years old; it was built in the 17th century anyhow, I guess it could be a little older. Along with the good food and fare you can bet the folks over at The Pigs have a karaoke night. This is just one of the many fine pubs here in Norfolk. We’ve got buildings with history, buildings with a bit of class. Not like the dive bars you’ll find on corners in some neighborhoods.

Speaking of karaoke again, I’ve noticed that some of the places have better machines than others. It’s nothing I’ve ever been interested enough to check out in detail myself, but I imagine just like any other product, some karaoke machines are better than others. If you were looking for information on where to buy a machine like that, you’re still in luck though. I saw the USA GF829 at a pub recently and I thought it was a pretty nice system, at least as far as I knew.

Again, it’s not like I own a bunch of karaoke machines. I’m actually fond of turntables and own a few of those – got some old vinyls as well. Actually, that was a business opportunity some people really made a lot of money on in the last few years. Records have come back in a strong way and I’m seeing a lot of older ones from the 80s, 70s and earlier selling for a good deal of money these days. There’s some money to be made there. With karaoke machines, it’s really more of just an entertainment thing.


Places To Visit In Norfolk

Places To Visit In NorfolkA cousin of mine is a great longboard enthusiast and takes part in several longboard competitions. He visited us, while on the way to one such competition. Though I like longboarding I’m not an expert in it.  He gave me some tips on the great longboards available that help in enjoying the ride more. Since my cousin had not visited Norfolk before, he wanted to know about the city and its surrounding places of interest. I gave him a list of places that he should see without fail and also a bit about the history of Norfolk.

Norfolk is one of the few counties that have a diverse environment with different personalities. The city has many tourist attractions that encompass both medieval history and modern architecture. Norfolk, Norwich and the surrounding regions are full of exciting and heritage rich places making them ideal destination spots. Norwich especially is the best place for a perfect retail therapy.

When you go further away from Norwich, you get to see some wonderful market towns, picturesque villages and well preserved buildings that speak of Georgian splendor. The landscape reflects ancient heritage and is dotted by arable farms and fields, pastureland and grazing which are interspersed with man mad and unique Broads. The Fens wetlands give visitors a taste of wilderness.

A visitor to Norfolk is sure to notice the diverse life style from the laid back coastal villages, which once prospered as ports, to the now bustling metropolis. The costal Norfolk extending over 93 miles has been designated as Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is surrounded by the scenic Hunstanton and Yarmouth seaside. The northern part of Norfolk has salt marshes, while the eastern side has dunes and marram grass that appeal to visitors greatly. The beaches are studded with pines.

The most significant attraction in Norfolk is its numerous medieval churches. The horizon is punctuated with church towers and Norfolk is said to have the most number of medieval churches in the world. The main industry here is weaving, which is mostly concentrated in Worstead and North Washam towns. Before the industrial revolution it was the one of the densely populated areas in the country, but with the weaving being moved to other places, the city lost its erstwhile popularity. But this has also resulted in the landscape being unchanged and making it a tourist’s delight.

Norfolk has over 6000 miles of smooth roads that make it a great place for longboarding, which I mentioned to my cousin. He was excited and wanted to try his special longboard on the roads. I myself have longboarded on these roads and found the experience exhilarating and very enjoyable. In fact I learnt longboarding on these roads only. The idyllic scenery lets you enjoy and relax completely.  Besides longboarding, travelling along the coast is a great way to see the country side in all its splendor.  You can explore Norfolk and its surrounding regions to your hearts fill and save up the rest for your next visit, which you are sure to make.


Best Reasons to Visit Norfolk

Best Reasons to Visit NorfolkBefore I get started, I want to make it clear that I might be a little biased with the information I present here today. Having lived in Norfolk for most of my life and without any real inclination to leave the place for bigger, busies parts of the UK, it’s possible I might just like my hometown more than most other people. But that’s the way it always is, isn’t it? Natives tend to like the place where they’ve come from more than other places, and it’s this great interest in their home which helps them (and me) to name great tourist spots, attractions, points of interest and other gems outsiders haven’t the foggiest about.

For starters, there are many tourist attractions in Norfolk. The Norfolk Botanical Garden is a great place to see a wide variety of different flora, both native to the UK and brought in from other parts of the world. In terms of things worth seeing, it is right up there with the Virginia Zoological Park, which is much the same except a collection of animals rather than plants. Just visiting these two sites is enough  for an entire day’s worth of excursions, but I suppose if you’ve already seen plenty of gardens and zoos, these two might not be too appealing to you.

For fans of culture and history, Norfolk has several museums worth visiting as well. The Hampton Roads Naval Museum may be more about American naval ships than ours, but when you consider how long the U.S. Navy has been in the Hampton Roads area, they’re part of the history here now. Indeed, we’ve got a lot of naval museums, like the Nauticus. There you can see the USS Wisconsin, another big WWII era battleship from the United States. If you’re visiting here from stateside, these attractions ought to make you feel right at home.

Though we don’t exactly have a large population in this part of Virginia, we do have our own Arena. The Norfolk Scope Arena is the place to go if you’re looking for sports, entertainment, cultural events or conventions of all kinds. The place usually has something going on but you might want to check ahead of time to make sure it won’t be empty when you get here. Norfolk is a great place to visit even if you can’t catch a game, but there’s nothing quite like the feeling of sitting in a sold out arena filled with thousands of cheering fans, eh?

There are other places for conventions and the like as well. It’s really nothing special if you ask me, but our Mariott is big enough to accommodate just about any business gathering. Even if you don’t visit the place or rent a room there while you’re in town, it’s still one of the major figureheads in downtown Norfolk, a kind of landmark if you will. Because it’s right in the heart of our town, it does naturally make a good place for visitors and tourists to set up, but there are plenty of other (and cheaper) places to stay in and around Norfolk too.

Naturally, anyone visiting us here in Norfolk will probably want to try some authentic English food and see what all the fuss is about. You can get tea practically anywhere, but good tea is a bit harder to find. We actually have a restaurant here at the Strattons Hotel which was nominated none too long ago for The Good Food Guide award. They grow some of their own food on site, or so I’ve heard. It really shows in the taste of the wide variety of dishes they serve, as well as the teas. I’d definitely check the place out if you’re feeling famished while enjoying the rest of Norfolk.

Getting back to museums, it’s not just flora and fauna that you can see in Norfolk. We’ve got our Chrysler Museum of Art as well, and that’s been a popular place to visit since it was first opened back in 1933. Now, I may not have been around back then, but the museum has a long history of catching some great exhibits from all around the world. That said, it’s more than just art that you’ll find there – it features a wide variety of different technological exhibits as well. Depending on what’s up for display when you arrive, you could spend a whole day or more just taking in all the sights.

So far, I’ve really only mentioned places with the brunt to see and hear being indoors. For those of you who’d prefer to spend your time outside, I must suggest Town Point Park. It’s not the biggest park you can find here in the UK, but at 7 acres, it’s large yet small enough for you to traverse on foot in a short time. Town Point is situated right next to Elizabeth River, with the water rolling right along one edge of the park. This place makes for some great fishing if that’s what you’re into, and the constantly moving water ensures stagnation is never an issue.

Up to here I’ve listed plenty of tourist attractions and interesting places to visit, but these are all only one of the best reasons to visit Norfolk. Having a lot to do is nice, but we’re also rather remote. This is not a big city and because of that, if you ask me, the air is cleaner, the people are nicer and the whole pace of the place just seems a little more laid back than what you’d get in a big city. Some people frown on the genial attitude here, thinking we’re behind the times or whatever else. That doesn’t bother me. This is where other locals come to relax when the city becomes too much for them, don’t you know?

That said, it’s a nice place for you to visit as well if you’re feeling stressed over city life, or if you just want to escape everything normal for a while. There are even martial arts classes available for sport enthusiasts if you’re looking for a bit of the rough and tumble.


Welcome To Norfolk

Welcome To NorfolkNorfolk is a county near the eastern section of England and is the seventh most populated region in England. The bulk of Norfolk’s economy is based on tourism, energy, engineering and manufacturing. As for agriculture the main crops of Norfolk are wheat, barley, sugar beet and saffron. Norfolk is also home to BBC East Radio and there is a Royal Air Force base located in this region. Here is more information on Norfolk UK.

Norfolk Broads

If you love to spend time in nature then you’ll like the Norfolk Broads because it is a beautiful wilderness filled with rivers, barren land and wildlife. People often visit the Norfolk Broads to go boating, fishing and canoeing, and it is a fun adventure for the entire family. If you love birdwatching the Norfolk Broads is an excellent place to visit since you’ll see birds everywhere in the air. The Norwalk Broads includes three main rivers; Yare, Waveney and Bure. The Norfolk Broads is the UK’s largest wetland area.

Public Transportation in Norfolk

One good thing about living in Norfolk is that you don’t have to drive everywhere but instead you can ride public transportation thanks to a bus service called Norfolk Green. Norfolk Green makes stops across various cities within Norfolk and the service is excellent. You’ll need cash or a bus pass to get ona Norfolk Green bus and there are discounts available for senior citizens.

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