Apps that Make You More Productive

It’s a sad fact that the UK has far too many unhealthy people. We are ahead of many countries like the US, but unhealthy is unhealthy. Part of overall health is mental health, and your mental health is directly tied to how productive you can be. Thankfully, technology offers a way to improve both our mental and physical health, and increase our overall productivity. Here are some health and productivity apps we’ve been testing over in Norfolk this weekend!


This American app is a lifesaver for anyone concerned about their finances. If you’re non-American, just download the version for your region. It is a completely secure and encrypted app that lets you track all of your finances in one place. You just add your bank accounts, credit cards, and debit cards to the app and it starts tracking from there. It will calculate your net worth, how much free cash you have at the moment, and give you a full chart that tracks where you spend your money in percentages. This app is perfect for the tech-savvy health nut who wants to keep their bank account as healthy as their life.

The Fitbit (And Friends)

The Fitbit is a piece of technology so useful that it spawned a swarm of imitators right off the bat. Competitors quickly realized how useful this app and fitness watch combo was, and wanted in on the action. The Fitbit is an app that tracks your steps and movements, and calculates how many miles you walked that day and how many calories you burned. It will even track sports activities, like when you’re playing with a new racquet from https://peakstriker.com/! It’s great for giving you an idea of how much you’re doing in a day. It can be a real wakeup call too! Most people don’t realize how much time they spend just sitting around and doing nothing. The Fitbit isn’t very expensive, and the app is free with the device.

Apple Health

This one is exclusive to iPhone owners, but more and more competing smartphones are adding this feature. Apple’s Health app lets you enter your height and weight, in addition to any allergies and preexisting medical conditions. It gives you the option to allow medical professionals to unlock your phone and view that information, in case you were found unconscious. You can also activate an emergency call by pressing the sleep button 5 times. If you do this, your phone will also send a text to family members notifying them that you called emergency services.

Technology can seem to make people lazy, but the reality is that technology doesn’t MAKE people anything. People are what they are, lazy or not. People who want to accomplish a lot in life with be helped by technology, and people who want to be lazy will also be helped! But if you want to improve yourself and your health, there has never been a better time in history.