Taking Charge of Your Fitness

The problem with people today is that they’re looking for instant gratification – press a button and get what they want, pretty much. It’s not that nobody wants to put in hard work anymore, because there are still plenty of people ready and willing to figuratively break their backs getting something done. But there is also a growing number of people who just don’t understand what it means to commit to something, to really try, to give it your all and keep going even if things don’t work out as intended the first time through. It’s determination, really; that’s what people are lacking these days.

Taking charge of your fitness isn’t a thing which should be difficult, but it is just that for far too many people. Lacking the determination needed to keep pushing, working and sweating until they see the results they want, some people quit exercising soon after they start, citing a lack of results as the reason they’ve given up on the task. But what worthwhile endeavor was ever easy? Fortunately, getting into shape is much easier than many people believe it to be. You just need that sense of determination, and besides that, something to help you get the job done, a tool of sorts.

That’s’ where power racks come into play, like the ones from http://garagegymlife.com/. These are small and compact gyms which easily fit into a quiet corner in a home or garage. They’re cool because they offer a wide variety of difference exercises, all encompassed in the workings of the same machine. Not all power racks are made the same though. If you do go looking for one, you’ll want to find a power rack which will allow you to exercise your legs as well as your arms, because what good is a machine like this if it doesn’t give you a full range of exercises?

By bringing the gym into your home, you can do away with the constant excuse people use about not having time to get to the gym and exercise in the first place. You also get rid of the anxiety some people suffer when exercising in front of others by moving everything into the privacy of your own home. In this way, you take charge of your fitness rather than waiting for someone else to be responsible for you, or try and push you into being responsible for yourself.

That’s not to say this approach will work best for everybody. People are the same, sure, but they’re also different in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to exercise and physical fitness. If you’re the type of person who needs someone else to exercise with, or to use as motivation when exercising, then you already know it. If you’re not, then you can read more about power racks, including the accessories, like WOD grips, you might want to get to go along with them. They are nifty little devices, very practical and easy to use, so they make great pieces of exercise equipment.


The Canaries beating the Red Devils was no surprise

The Canaries beating the Red Devils was no surpriseOur dedicated work essentially being a website showcasing all the wonders of our beautiful and broader Norfolk in the United Kingdom, we decided we’d take a different route to an institution in county seat Norwich. In the heart of the city, it is called Carrow Road, and it is the home ground of the city’s pride and joy, Norwich City FC, also fondly known as the Canaries.

It has to be said, though, that there was nothing canary-like about the city’s favorite football team’s recent exploits. This is the second season running in which the Canaries have bravely endured the robust nature of England’s English Premier League.

Paying tribute to the mighty Canaries

We’ve just been thinking how cold it has been getting lately. For this time of the year, this is nothing unusual and we are all of us, quite use to it. We are already counting the days to spring and the first chirrups of those little, yellow birds the famed football team have been named after. If you are thinking about visiting Norfolk next year, you’ll need to schedule a visit to Norfolk Broads, famous for its birdlife.

But for locals, and particularly the fanatics, we’ve come up with a novel idea to keep warm with for the next few weeks. We thought; why not build a little bird house in honor of the team’s famous, but unsurprising victory over the Red Devils now the other day. Masters of DIY are showcasing a handy list of wood lathes that are great for carving the perfect home for those little yellow fellows or any of the other birds that visit your garden during spring. Norwich is also famed for its expanding retail space, so there’s no shortage of hardware stores for locals (or you) to buy other implements needed for the bird house.

Lots of places to celebrate famous victories

Anyway, back to that historic afternoon at Carrow Road. It’s been just over twenty-five years since Norwich City FC last beat England’s most famous and most successful EPL team, Manchester United. The home victory for the Canaries was no surprise as we’ve been saying all along. The team has been hard at work on the training ground, making sure that they survive the holiday round of fixtures and stay out of the relegation scrap next year at the end of the season.

Pound for pound, for a team valued in excess of two hundred million pounds and with the sort of reputation they have, their loss to Norwich’s home team was disappointing. Respectfully, they had the grace to acknowledge that our boys played pretty well into the bargain. Interestingly, one famous football son, Mark Robbins, went on to play for the Red Devils back in the day.

Thankfully, Norwich’s pubs, restaurants and cafeterias were more than able to handle the joyful crowds who left Carrow Road after the referee’s whistle blew for the last time that afternoon.


Playing golf on courses in Norfolk

Playing golf on courses in NorfolkIf there is a place in the UK where golfers can enjoy, then it is certainly Norfolk. The golf is here very popular among the people and it is not unusual to stay in a hotel that has its own golf course. Norfolk is a part of the United Kingdom, which has the most sun, and which is relatively flat. That is, we must admit, an ideal combination for the development of this sport.

Enjoying golf means that you have the appropriate equipment for golf. Golfoid.com is a place where you can start purchasing your equipment. However, the equipment itself is insufficient unless you have terrain to play. Maybe you do not have your terrain, but if you go to Norfolk, some of the great courts will give you a great surface for playing. Here are some golf courses that you can visit when you come to Norfolk.

Royal West Norfolk is a golf course that was established more than 100 years ago, in 1892. It is clear then why golf is popular in this part of the UK. It is simply a part of the tradition.

Hunstanton is another old golf course built on the land of the Le Strange family. Primarily, it has 9 holes. Later, it was altered and got another 9 holes. Since 1920, there is nothing much changed.

Playing golf on courses in NorfolkSheringham is a beautiful place to play golf, bordered by the North Sea and the North Norfolk Railway. Here you can really enjoy all aspects of golf – in the game, but also in a walk and views of the beautiful landscapes. These walks over the golf course, make golf a real sport that, besides precision and concentration, require good physical condition. This is especially true when you consider that it is necessary to carry the golf clubs. Fortunately, there exists specially designed bags for them, like these.

Royal Cromer is one of the oldest golf courses in the UK, founded 1888. It is located above the sandy beaches. There is, with a good golf game, guaranteed a good view and enjoying time spent outdoors.

These are just some of the golf courses that are worth mentioning. In the area of Norfolk has them in abundance. As we said, golf is a part of the tradition. It is believed that it originates in Scotland during the Middle Ages. Although the inhabitants of this part of the UK are familiar with golf, this should not discourage you if you are a beginner. You have to learn your first golf moves on the golf course, and friendly people of this area will offer a help.

Finally, keep in mind that it is not always possible to predict the score in golf. Given that this is a sport that is performed outdoors, hit depends on the players, but also of the strength of the wind, unevenness of the ground and similar conditions. A weather can outsmart you in the second. And that’s the beauty of this sport. You can never be 100% sure that you will succeed. There’s always a dose of uncertainty.


The best motorcycle tracks in Norfolk

The best motorcycle tracks in NorfolkAre you a lover of motorcycles, high adrenaline and speeding? In Norfolk, there are a lot of places for you! Love toward two-wheelers or four-wheelers and driving on uneven ground can sometimes be very hard. You cannot just sit down to your vehicle and start to drive by fields and forests that are other people’s property. Likewise, you cannot drive on the public road with inadequate speed or setting up obstacles. Therefore, it is necessary to know where are motorcycle trails. Fortunately, in the vicinity of Norfolk, there are several, so you can enjoy in this sport. Let’s mention some of them.

Besthorpe Motocross Track

This motocross track is at 9 miles from Norfolk. There are two tracks with barriers. One is the main, other is the so-called junior track. On this track, you can drive your motorcycle and your quads. Besthorpe Motocross Track works weekends to the dusk. This does not mean that your vehicle does not need good LED lights – as soon as visibility decreases, they will make your vehicle and the road more visible.

Lyng Motocross Track

10 miles from Norfolk is the village Lyng with its Cadders Hill motorcycle track. Motocross events have been held there since 1936. This place has a tradition with which can boast. In the late 60s, there were taking place televised trophy scrambles. In the 90s, this track was the scene of the Grand Prix. More than 30 years there are taking place British Championship events.

The best motorcycle tracks in NorfolkMotoLand UK Mildenhall

This is excellently equipped motorcycle track that offers an adrenaline experience for all levels. In addition to challenging obstacles that should be overcome, this place offers a canteen, showers and toilets – all that is needed for all-day enjoyment in motorcycling. All-day usually means a return home at night. This is just one of the reasons why your vechile should be equipped with a good light. Best lights for UTV vehicles can be found here: http://lightbarland.com/led-light-bars-for-utv/ Moto land is open at Tuesdays Thursdays and Sundays. It is situated 25 miles from Norfolk.

Eastrax East Anglia Super Trax

This is another place characterized with brilliant terrain and even better obstacles. It is one of the best places where you can enjoy the crazy ride. The track is situated 29 miles from Norfolk and has a length of 1.7 miles. It is open 7 days a week.

Wildtracks Motocross Track

This is the track that is used more than 30 years. It is located 28 miles from Norfolk. This place has wide sandy tracks with obstacles, which are intended for various levels of skills – from beginners to adults. Protective equipment is mandatory. Without a helmet, goggles, gloves, boots, you will not be able to enjoy the ride here. Also, there is a limit of noise generated by your car. This place is open on the weekends when weather conditions allow the maintenance of races.

Do you want to start your adrenaline! Go ahead, Norfolk awaits you with ready tracks!


Folks of Norfolk Punch Above Their Weight

Female boxer punching a bagIf you have visited County Norfolk in the North East region of the United Kingdom as a tourist or fellow Briton, getting away from the traffic and smog of your area or just visiting old friends and family, you may have noticed how much the folks down there take things in their stride. You may also have travelled with your local supporter’s club and watched your side take on the Canaries. But if you have never visited Norwich or any of the country towns within Norfolk, never mind. Spend some time with us and we’ll take you on a grand tour of all the sights and sounds and pay a visit to some of the folks who make this north eastern part of Great Britain a promising place to live in.

Still growing

To bring you up to speed, take a few moments reading some of our previous posts. There’s an earlier post on how to take control of your life – not worrying, not stressing, but making amends. We will come to that in a moment. One reason why the people of County Norfolk have managed to survive their past and are now thriving today could be that they are punching above their weight.

Whether you are a visitor or reader, you ought to take the folks from Norwich and their surrounding towns a tad more seriously. By the way, do not let the city’s top football club’s nickname deceive you. Have you ever watched them play recently? The point is this; Norfolk continues to grow stronger; culturally and economically.

Opening doors

When the people of County Norfolk are not taking themselves seriously, they are opening doors to new folks, visitors and tourists, embracing all and sundry. They are opening doors for themselves too, socially and in workmanlike fashion. But world-weary travelers will know that the people of Norfolk are only unique in regard to their regional culture, peculiar dialect and rich heritage. On all other counts, they are no different from city and country dwellers that have similar positive outlooks on life.

Just a recap on our previous post on managing stress; one of the things mentioned was engaging in healthy activities.  What better way than to take it all out on a functional free-standing heavy bag, filled with sand or water to keep it rooted to the ground while you give it all you’ve got. You might also be interested in a Muay Thai punching bag because then you can sock it, much like Norwich City FC does during a Sunday derby.  Boxing isn’t the only sport you can engage in to help you escape from the harsh realities of everyday life.

Punch above your own weight

By now, you know that there’s football (soccer) too. There’s also bowling – indoor ten pin or lawn. There’s squash and tennis. Hiking, even just plain walking. All this and more should help you to punch above your own weight where it really counts, much like the indigenous people of Norfolk have been doing for years.


Hunting in Norfolk

Hunting in NorfolkSport hunting is just one of the many entertaining activities both locals and visitors alike can enjoy here in Norfolk. Our little corner of the United Kingdom lies on the eastern bend of the main English island, north of Ipswich and right in the heart of Norwich. The location is admittedly a better place to go fishing, especially with all the immediate access to the English Channel just around the southeast peninsula. Our proximity to the water also opens up many opportunities for hunting birds, including duck, pheasant, goose and several other varieties of waterfowl, as well as other small, land-based game.

Besides brushing up on basic survival skills like catching, killing and preparing animals for food, hunting in Norfolk is a great way to get active. All that fresh air, the walking, the boating, the tracking of prey – it’s a whole lot of exercise for the entire body and even the mind as you try to outsmart various birds, fish and other animals. The one important thing to remember about hunting here in Norfolk is that you won’t get access to any firearms. There are bows and arrows and even some air rifles to be found, both of which do an adequate job or dropping anything you may want to hunt here.

For hunters who are used to taking down prey through non-traditional means, the prospect of hunting with a bow or air gun shouldn’t put off anyone eager enough to come to Norfolk. Others who are used to using guns will have some adjusting to do, to be sure. Regardless of your skill level or experience though, there’s one very easy way to get started hunting fast in Norfolk. First, make sure you have the proper equipment, maybe by visiting a website like http://edgehunting.com. Second, try to get yourself signed up with one of the many hunting clubs which can be found in this area.

The West Norfolk Foxhounds use dogs for their hunting excursions and they may be one of the oldest hound hunting clubs in Norfolk. Farther north, the North Norfolk Harriers also use hounds for hunting packs and have a long, storied history dating back to the 1800s. There are many other hunting parties and clubs to consider as well, but these two are some of the most popular in Norfolk, so they would make good clubs with which to begin your search. Some clubs specialize in hunting certain types of game, like birds or foxes, so look for one which matches your own interests.

If you head over to the BASC website for quarry species and shooting seasons, you’ll be able to read in detail about the different potential game here in Norfolk as well as the proper, legal seasons for hunting said game. You could get into a mountain of trouble by hunting the wrong animal, hunting during the wrong season, or hunting too much of an animal, even if it is within season. Knows the laws, rules and limitations before you make your hunting trip and you can avoid some serious hassle.


Kayaking in Norfolk – Tips for Beginners

Kayaking in Norfolk - Tips for BeginnersThere are a lot of opportunities in Norfolk for the active vacationer. One of the best things to do in the area is going kayaking. If you like adventure and adrenaline, kayaking is definitely a good sport for you! But a lot of people don’t want to go kayaking if they’re completely clueless. That is why we have assembled a few tips for beginners. Read this article and you will be ready for your first kayaking experience in Norfolk!

Pick the right kayak

There are a lot of questions you need to ask yourself before you pick a kayak. The most important one is whether you’ll be using it in still waters or fast ones. Another is who do you want to go paddling with – alone or with a friend, or maybe as a group? When picking a kayak, other than this, you need to know the difference between kayak brand and kayak type. The brand is only the name of the kayak, while the type is the essential make and shape of the kayak.

There are many different types of kayaks – recreational ones, fishing kayaks, adventure kayaks, etc. Beginners should usually first try out kayaking recreationally. A typical recreational kayak can accommodate one to three people. The ones that can take one person are called singles, the ones that accommodate two people are tandems, and the ones meant for three people are tri yaks.

The difference between recreational kayaks and, let’s say, fishing kayaks like this one, is that recreational kayaks are wider, have a larger cockpit, have limited capacity for cargo, and are constructed out to rotomolded plastics.

Paddling tips

When you get into the kayak, if you’re a beginner, you might get the urge to ‘dig in’ with the paddle. This is both unnecessary and exhausting. Here are some tips on the proper way to paddle.

  • Lean back and be comfortable in your seat. This both keeps the boat’s stability and forces you to move your torso when paddling – which is part of the correct technique
  • Grip the paddle with both hands so that your hands are over the paddle, with thumbs under
  • With each paddle stroke, you should make a downward motion with one hand and pull, while pushing away the shaft with the other arm. This is similar to the leg motion you do while riding a bicycle
  • Take care not to lean your arms too far forward, as this will cause your back and arms to ache
  • When changing sides, the shaft should be completely rotated so it will start lining up your knuckles with the blade
  • if you don’t succeed at first, just be persistent – it’s more complicated than it looks!

Turning the Kayak Around

Turning the kayak around is easy enough. The main thing to do is to paddle only on one side – the one opposite to the side you want the kayak to turn to. You can also make the kayak go backwards by simply reversing the direction in which you paddle.


Benefits of Heated Pools

Benefits-of-Heated-PoolsEveryone who owns a heated pool knows one of the main benefits to owning one is the fact it can be used all year – even when weather conditions would normally prevent people from swimming. The warm water is great when it’s cold outside and that’s a major reason people go for heated pools in the first place.

But there are other benefits to having a heated pool which aren’t so immediately apparent. For starters, cold weather makes water freeze. In unheated pools, this could cause serious damage to the pool itself or the surrounding area. Even draining a pool doesn’t guarantee all the pipes are dry.

The problem with this is water expands as it gets colder, which means it might cause the pipes to expand as well as it freezes during the winter months. Owners of heated pools never need to worry about this happening, since the constantly moving warm water prevents freezing and the associated damage. This might not be worth the cost of keeping the pool heated all winter for some owners, but thankfully there are kits and chemicals which can help to effectively purge the pipes of all water. Still, this lack of freezing is a benefit, so it’s listed here.

This next one isn’t something too many people think of when they install a heated pool, but it’s also a prtty solid benefit to owning one. While a pool can add some value to a home if it should be sold later, a heated pool is worth a lot more, because of the convenience and lack of worry which generally come from owning one, as opposed to a standard pool. If you’re looking specifically to add value to your home though, the best upgrade for the money is probably to add another bathroom. This doesn’t detract from the benefit provided by the pool though.

So what’s the best heater for a pool? That’s going to depend on the size and depth of your pool, or ultimately the number of gallons of water which need to be heated. Water doesn’t hold heat as well as the earth, though it does keep heat energy longer than things like sand. Consider the cost of heating up the pool before use compared to keeping the pool at a moderate temperature as a rule. Different heaters perform better under different circumstances, though some never perform well at all. The poolheater might be a good place to start your search.

Considering the benefits of having a heater in your pool, it’s something you should probably get if you have a pool that’s lacking a heater. If you already have a routine set where you don’t swim during the colder months or maybe travel somewhere else to do it, you probably don’t need a heater, but they’re still kind of nice to have anyhow. There are many different options available for getting the job done as well, thanks to a great number of manufacturers and heaters which come in all kinds of sizes.


Great Sports which you can do in Norfolk

Great-Sports-which-you-can-do-in-NorfolkTaking up sports as a hobby can prove to be a great way to keep the body healthy. Not only does playing a sport on a regular basis keep the body fit, but it can also prove to be a lot of fun as well.

There are a number of options for playing sports in Norfolk that you can take advantage of. These sports clubs and academies include different kinds of sports and are spread out all across Norfolk. You can choose anything to your liking.

  • Karate

There are many karate academies spread out across Norfolk. You can choose to enroll in an academy in your vicinity in order to learn the martial art or you can get a grappling dummy (for reviews on grappling dummies go to http://www.grapplingdummyinsider.com/).

Attending karate classes on a regular basis will not only offer you with the basic skills of self-defense, but it will also help keep your body in complete shape. Some of the other aspects of learning karate will be the aspects of the spirit and the mind, all of which will keep you in excellent condition.

  • Football

Football, the most popular sport in the world, is also quite popular in Norfolk and there are a number of football clubs and academies for you to choose from if you are interested in the sport.

Football is a very active sport and enrolling to be part of a local club can prove to be quite socially rewarding as well. If you are a team player and have a passion for football, this is the way to go.

  • Dancing

While this may not prove to be everybody’s cup of tea, for those who dance, Norfolk presents a wide variety of options. All across the city, there are a number of different types of dance studios and if you are a dancer, you’ll probably be quick to find a studio that offers you classes and a routine. Furthermore, you will have a choice of all styles of dance, ranging from the local traditional folk dances to the latest contemporary worldwide dances.

  • Wrestling

Again, it’s not for everybody, but wrestling can also be an option in Norfolk. For fans of the sport, there are a number of events organized in the area which can prove to be very exciting and rewarding as well. If you have any experience in wrestling, you can probably start off finding a wrestling academy and a training camp. You can also get this great grappling dummy. By visiting these, you will be able to learn how to take part in the various championship events that are staged in the area.

  • Archery

Archery clubs are also available in Norfolk and the sport can also prove to be a great hobby. Not only does archery help develop accuracy and skill, but there are also a number of fun events and contests that players of the sport can take part in. Archery continues to be popular with many enthusiasts following the sport in Norfolk.

So in case you are a sports enthusiast in Norfolk, make sure of checking your options out at the earliest.


Staying Fit in Norfolk

Staying-Fit-in-NorfolkNorfolk is a popular, yet largely rural city in the UK. It has a rich history and proves to be a popular tourist destination. We love it to the bone! It’s also great because it’s easy to stay fit in a city like this.

Here, we will take a look at some of the activities that can help you stay fit in Norfolk. While there may be a number of ways of staying fit, the following can help you maintain your shape without exerting too much effort or taking up too much of your time.

  • Walking

The weather of Norfolk proves to be brilliant and residents have the luxury of being able to go out on walks or jogs for exercise. Norfolk is a popular tourist retreat and there are a number of attractions, including parks and zoos where travellers can go on jogs and walks in order to stay fit.

There are a number of active groups of individuals who take part in collective activities on a regular basis. If you consider yourself more of a social person, you could try opting for one of these. The groups can be a fun way to meet new and interesting people, while keeping you fit and healthy.

  • Swimming

Swimming is known to be one of the best ways to keep fit. In order to swim, the body exerts a large number of muscles and helps keep the body athletic and the muscles toned. You can consider enrolling in a swimming club if you do not have a pool in your immediate vicinity.

Swimming not only keeps you fit, but it can also be a lot of fun. As an alternative to casual swimming, you may even consider indulging in some water based sports if you have a competitive streak in you.

  • Maintaining a mini home gym

A mini home gym can prove to be a great way to keep your body in shape. You can get a lot of information about power racks – a mini home gym – at GarageGymPro. Having a gym at the comfort of home allows you to save up on a lot of valuable time and energy which you might have otherwise spent on going to a gym and in dealing with other people.

Today, there are a number of affordable mini home gym sets available, complete with all tools and equipment, including a power rack. Many people have gone this route and have successfully gone on to maintaining healthy and effective exercise routine at their own homes. Mind you, if you do cannot afford a personal instructor who can make a visit to your home, you will need to find some online tutor or course to follow.

  • Playing a sport

Norfolk offers a number of activities and events for sports enthusiasts all the year round. Even if you haven’t taken part in sports earlier, this is a wonderful chance for you to start off. There are many sports academies offering different sports clubs for you to choose from in Norfolk.

Of course, there can be over a hundred other ways of keeping yourself fit. However, the tips that we have mentioned can offer you more fun than simply visiting the gym, which honestly, does not work out. It is quite well-known that people get tired of the gym routine and give up on it way too easily. The activities that we have mentioned can serve as fun alternatives to a gym.