The Shortcut to Being a Professional Golfer

The Shortcut to Being a Professional GolferGolf is a very enjoyable sport for some people. While it is competitive like any other sport, it’s not quite in-your-face like basketball or football; games take a slower and more genial pace and allow for both the players and those watching the game being played to carry themselves in a more relaxed fashion. The thing about the game is, even though the pacing is slow and the sport itself isn’t physically demanding, golfing regularly is still more exercise than most people are getting these days. It’s true – all that walking over various terrains is a lot like hiking and essentially solid aerobic activity.

Golf can either be played alone, as a way to get used to a course and learn its intricacies, or with other people, as a competitive sport. There is one simple tool which can help you to vastly improve your performance in game, both when you’re just practicing as and when you’re trying to beat an opponent. I’m talking about golf rangefinders, specifically. These nifty machines allow users to more accurately measure distances between two points, which makes your game more efficient by simplifying club choice. Even some professional golfers use these devices.

While the scope of use in a rangefinder might seem somewhat limited, it does exactly what it claims to do. It turns out that alone is enough to significantly improve a user’s ability to judge and estimate various distances, even under conditions which would normally make this difficult, such as heavy fog. If you don’t believe they’ll work for you, I still urge you to try one sometime. Well, several times actually; you need enough games to get an accurate measurement. Just compare your scores without a rangefinder to your scores with one and see if there isn’t an improvement.

There’s actually plenty of good golf around Norfolk. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve played several of the courses around here while utilizing a BUSHNELL rangefinder to help me line up my shots. It has done wonders to help me shave strokes when playing on several different holes, though there are still some places where the machine didn’t seem to do me much good. I’d say you would want ideal measuring conditions whenever trying to use one of these devices, so you will want to look for flat, even land without any hills or thick trees to block the rangefinder from working.

While I must admit it won’t automatically make you a professional golfer, the right rangefinder can still give you a much more measured and predictable game, which can make it very easy to lower your overall score on any given course. Like any other tool, you first must get used to using this item before you can really come to count on it. The task it performs is simple enough that you won’t need to be using it for long before you understand it, however. In what other sport would you neglect to use such an effective tool to improve your performance if it were available?


Martial Arts Classes in South Norfolk

Martial Arts Classes in South NorfolkBefore committing yourself to something, think about it on all aspects – it will help you clear your mind on the decision and make a wise one. Why I’m saying this is because I met up with one of my friends who wanted to find a good martial arts class for his little son. He asked if I knew any good classes. Most people take up martial arts because they want to learn the art of defending themselves. My friend had seen this movie about karate, which inspired him and obviously his little son to start looking for martial arts classes.

Whatever the reason for taking up martial arts, you should know some basic facts about the art form. Martial arts whether it is karate, tai-chi, judo, archery, fencing, jiu-jitsu etc consists of three key elements.

  • Fighting skills which deals in winning a fight or entering a competition
  • Self-protection skills where self-defense threat awareness and avoidance are taught and
  • Budo or martial ways which helps in the traditional skills, character development etc.

These three elements overlap in activities that help in improving fitness, escaping a fight and controlling anger or ego during intensive fights, self-defense releases, grappling techniques etc.

I myself attend brazilian jiu jitsu classes and find them very beneficial. I decided to get myself an Fuji Sekai Gi, as it is very durable and keen looking. Kyushindo is a non-combative form, which does not involve competitive fighting techniques but instead concentrates on enhancing health and wellbeing, and teach the self-protection techniques. Students are rewarded with grades when they show improvement in their skills and show a definite proficiency in the art and also a strong commitment.

Budo style is for kids only and for them martial arts is just another way to have fun filled activities and enjoy them. The Budo format improves balance, strength, co-ordination and also self-confidence. There are students who have found better concentration skills because of attending the martial arts classes.

The competitive format is for young adults and for adults the martial arts forms a way to develop character, fitness, and internal training. Martial art training is thus fit for all age groups and promotes both individual training and development and also encourages group interaction.

For any type of marital arts class you need a kimono.  There are many places where martial arts training are taught in Norfolk. Some of the more commonly known classes include Brazilian Top Team Norwich, Eastern Shotokan Karate Association, Family Boxercise, Han Mu Do, Ishin Ryu Ju Jitsu, Ko Yama Ryu-Goshin Jitsu and many others. All these are mostly for kids and have good training sessions for kids ranging from four years.

While there are many classes available choosing a good one depends on how effective the instructor is. Some of the qualities that an instructor should possess are a passion for practicing the particular art form and for teaching it. Good knowledge in more than one art form should also be present. Understanding the needs of the students and their interests and teaching the skill accordingly is another requisite in a skilled teacher.