A holiday in Norfolk

A holiday in NorfolkSpending a holiday in Norfolk is a memorable occasion for all as the place caters to all categories of tourists. Norfolk offers plenty of places to visit. You can view stately homes, beautifully landscaped gardens, steam railways, the Broads, and nature reserves. The variety of craft shops and local cuisine are best seen during the mornings and afternoon. The coast offers great boat getaways where you can watch seals and gain a new perspective on wildlife in coastal area. Other places of interest to see in Norfolk include,


This is a quaint coastal village with a winding and narrow high street and back lanes. You can see kids crabbing or gillying on the quayside using lines available locally.  Another spot of interest here is the Blakeney Point, which is home to grey seals and offers sanctuary to bird species too. You can arrange boat trips that extend over an hour. Boats depart from the Morston Quay to this spot. Some boat trips let you to disembark on Blakeney Point for nearly an hour.


If you are a fan of ghost stories and haunted bungalows, a visit to Blickling Estate should be part of your itinerary. The estate owned earlier by Boleyn family is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of Anne Boleyn even after the building had been rebuilt entirely during 17th century. The library and long gallery are highly impressive. The main attraction of the estate however is the park and splendidly kept gardens. The place offers the best view on a sunny and bright day. If you happen to travel by night, make sure you have good led light bars installed in your vehicle. It makes driving easier, faster, and safe.


Broads in Norfolk is the name given to 117 square miles of navigable rivers and lakes. The area was created as a result of flooding of peat pits in the medieval era when the sea level increased. This resulted in reed beds and marshes being formed. You can find wildlife and birds in plenty here. It is also possible to visit the place on your own by renting a boat for both short breaks and day trips. From Potter Heigham the River Thurne looks very pretty.

Burnham Market

For avid shoppers, Burnham market is the place to visit in Norfolk. The place has classic flint and brick villages and stately Georgian houses surrounding a central green region. The shops have great selection of crafts and clothing. Humble pie, fresh local fish are some of the hot favorites here.

Historic halls

For those who like the classic lines of historical homes, the Holkham and Houghton hall in Norfolk are great places to visit. Holkham Hall is a Palladian mansion built back in the 18th century. The mansion has paintings by famous artists such as Van Dyck and Rubens. The trompe l’oiel ceilings in the mansion are also great to view.

Houghton Hall, which had been home to the first British Prime Minister, was designed by the famous designer William Kent. The gigantic walled garden and collection of model soldiers are highlights of this place.


Things To Do On a Rainy Day in Norfolk

Things To Do On a Rainy Day in NorfolkNorfolk is a great place to enjoy during the summer, when the sun is shining and the weather is fine. But unfortunately, we sometimes get a lot of rain in Norfolk. Here are some of the most interesting activities you can do on a rainy day when you have nothing to do any nowhere to be.

  1. Enjoy a Bubble Bath

If you don’t know what to do on a rainy day, jump into a warm and fragrant bubble bath. Maybe put some music on or grab a good book, and listen to the pitter-patter of the rain on the windows while you enjoy yourself. If you have really dry skin, you can add some oil to the bath.

  1. Pamper Yourself

If you never have time for a real beauty treatment, now is your chance. Make a list of everything you want to do, and then just do it. Exfoliate, nourish, remove hair, lather with oils and creams – just enjoy and feel beautiful!

  1. Make a Nice Recipe Book

If you have many recipes handed down to you from your mother or grandmother, take this time to put them all down into a nice recipe book, so you can look them up later easily, and so that your posterity can also enjoy them. You can make your own notebook, or take a store bought one – just make sure your recipe book has some charm. Don’t forget to write down all the important details for a recipe, like what kind of pan to fry in, what kind of meat grinder to use, etc.

  1. Cook

Speaking of recipe books, why not take this time and make a delicious meal. If there is something that you have always wanted to make, but that needs a lot of preparation time, now is your chance. Whip out that meat grinder, ice-cream maker, pasta dough maker, or whatever else you will be using and get to work! Or if you would prefer something less demanding, why not simply bake some cookies and watch a good movie.

  1. Watch some Good Movies

And while you’re thinking of watching a movie, why not make a whole film festival right in your living room? Pick a theme or just line up your favourite movies and have a marathon. Just remember to prepare some popcorn!

  1. Reminisce

If you have an old dusty photo album somewhere or a folder on your computer with photos from your life which you haven’t opened in ages, do it now. Grab a glass of nice wine and gather your loved ones for a trip down memory lane.

  1. Board games

Board games are the perfect solution for boredom on a lazy rainy afternoon. Get your family, friends or kids involved and play a fun game of Monopoly or Risk, or if you’re into some of the more modern board games, there is always Alias or Pictionary. If you want to get physically active, a nice game of Twister always does the job.


5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Skin Health

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Skin HealthHere in Norfolk, there are a lot of people who have skin problems – which you can deduce by the number of various skin salons here. Luckily, there are simple and easy ways to take care of your skin and improve its overall health without having to go to a salon every now and again. Here are some worthwhile tips for taking good care of your skin.


Managing stress in life is just as important for skin as it is your mental health. You might have noticed that your skin behaves weirdly when you’re under a lot of stress. Stress has been linked to an increase in hormones that result in oily skin. Managing stress is much easier said than done, but we found that simply taking a break and practicing your own personal hobbies allows you to settle down, collect yourself, and resume your work with a clear mind.

Good Hygiene Practices

Many people loath taking showers in the morning, especially when they are children. Quickly, however, it becomes a morning ritual and now the day does not start until you take a shower in the morning. This goes a long way in keeping the acne causing oils washed off your face. This practice is particularly important in warm climates, as sweating in your sleep exacerbates these oils. Having a good morning shower routine is very important to your skin like going to a salon or buying a microdermabrasion machine like those at http://camilasbeauty.com .

Pillow Covers

Keeping your pillow covers clean goes a long way in keeping your face clean as well. This is pretty straightforward, but most people don’t think about it. The same oil and bacteria that causes acne on your face can get captured on your pillow covers. Before you buy something like a microdermabrasion machine, you can have real skin problems. Many people apply skin care products and wash their faces before bed, only to roll around the same harmful bacteria throughout the night. You should definitely have at least two pillow covers and to wash them regularly. This results in a lot less acne breakouts and better overall skin health.


This tip is somewhat obvious, but important nonetheless. Not only is using sunscreen profoundly important for age-proofing your skin, finding the right sunscreen is just as important as choosing the right care products for your skin. Sunscreen with zinc oxide does a great job both protecting your skin and preventing breakouts. In some severe cases of acne, scars can form. Sunscreen helps prevent acne scaring as well as sunburn.

Avoiding Greasy Food

Staying away from greasy food is fantastic for your health in many ways, as usually greasy food has the highest fat content. However, avoiding greasy food also benefits your skin a great deal as well. Most people don’t realize how often they touch, scratch, and rub their faces. Oils from the grease end up on the face, and create breakouts. Simply washing your hands after a greasy meal will get rid of all the oils on your hands.


Maintaining Happy Feet

Maintaining Happy FeetHow much time do you spend on your feet on a daily basis? Most of us know that you will spend about a third of your life asleep, and depending on your job one would assume we might spend more time than that standing, walking, even running around on our feet. This of course depends on the type of job that you hold, although we have come to learn that no matter your career or lifestyle, investing in a proper pair of shoes can make a world of difference.

If your profession involves a great deal of standing and movement throughout the workday, finding the right pair of shoes in paramount. For instance, buying non-slip shoes for certain professions can be the difference between staying quick and nimble on your feet or taking a bad spill. Non-slip shoes are essential for jobs in the restaurant business, but they can also be extremely useful in healthcare. At stores for medical supplies, they offer a nice assortment of woman’s nursing shoes that are non-slip (check out some reviews at NicerShoes). There are even pleasant collections of different styles to keep your style unique.

For jobs that might be a bit more laborious, such as landscaping or construction, investing in a nice comfortable pair of boots can be the difference between coming home with a sore back and maintaining a healthy one.  Many workers are known to stand on their feet all day, along with lifting heavy materials and bending over. Finding a moderately priced pair of boots that do a good job supporting your feet and back can be difficult. Therefore we suggest finding a pair of boots that fit your budget, then investing in a pair of gel pads. Gel pads are fantastic in offering more support, while remaining relatively inexpensive. They are also easy to replace, which is ideal for a job that results in smelly boots!

Maintaining Happy FeetSpeaking of smelly, maintaining good sock habits are also important. Making sure you replace your socks daily, and have plenty of clean socks for back up goes a long way in keeping your feet from smelling. It’s also worth noting that spending those extra few dollars on a nicer package of socks creates a big difference in comfort. Having better smelling feet will not only keep yourself happy, but will also keep the people around you happy as well.

Finally, it is good to know that having proper exercise shoes can change the productivity of your entire workout. This is particularly important for running, where a solid pair of running shoes can save your feet and shins from annoying pain. In fact, many cases of shin splints can be avoided/cured by investing in a better pair of running shoes. Consulting a shoe sales person while purchasing your workout shoes is extremely beneficial as they can recommend the proper shoe for your workout routine, whether its running, lifting, or somewhere in between. Keeping your feet happy on a daily basis between work and exercise is a change that is easily obtainable, with a rich reward!


Outdoor Activities and Adventure in Norfolk

Outdoor-Activities-and-Adventure-in-NorfolkIt seems that just about anywhere you go in the world, there are unique activities to enjoy while outdoors. Even in cold and harsh environments near the poles, there is fishing, skiing and the like. There’s something everywhere, but that doesn’t mean every location was created equal. Here in Norfolk there are lots of fun and exciting things to do outdoors, though you’ve probably seen most of them elsewhere before. That doesn’t mean we don’t have something unique to offer visitors here – we certainly do and I’ll get into the details about that a little later.

For starters, what could be more exciting than taking a bunch of your friends out into a field and shooting them? I’m talking about paintball of course – nothing too harmful here! There are several venues offering outdoor paintball courses filled with obstacles like emptied out buses, downed helicopters and more. Some of these will look and feel like a real warzone, which totally complements the other feelings you get when you hear bullets whizzing by your head. Though they’re paintballs, the thought of getting shot gives people a sensation of suspense, and that’s something you can get here.

People in Norfolk are all about living a healthy lifestyle. Maybe it has something to do with breathing that clean air by the ocean, or maybe it has something to do with all the fresh food we eat regularly. Fishing is a major source of entertainment here and we have some of the best in terms of fish you can actually eat after catching them. Proper licensing and permits are important for fishing or hunting like in most countries, so you’ll probably want to call ahead and make arrangements if you plan to include either extensively in your itinerary. We certainly do have a lot of fishing here, boat rentals and all.

Many people have played and enjoyed games loaded with knights clad in heavy armor, wielding massive weapons of destruction and beating each other to death. Juicy ones like Dark Souls come to mind when I think about this. Simulating the experience is one thing, but what do you think it’s actually like to wear all of that armor and protective gear, and then trying to heft around a heavy weapon on top of all that? Many people find they aren’t fit enough to fight for even a few minutes once they’ve been given a full kit. See the Normal Knights at Norwich Castle and ask them yourself, if you don’t believe it.

Golf is a popular activity in most places with wide open fields and fresh air, and we’re blessed to have both here in Norfolk. The Sheringham Golf Club features a beautiful course with a fine layout, but it’s a rather pricey place to play. You could always try the Barnham Broom Hotel, which features a course on the grounds as well as a spa for those who are looking for a little pampering rather than a round of golf. After a long day on the links and walking for miles, a break like that could be just the thing for just about anyone.

Every season we get a few people who are real explorers. You know the curious types who want to see the places which aren’t often seen, and walk the paths where few others have tread. I think intrepid is the word. Well, there are few better ways to really get a feel for the pulse of Norfolk and its people, places and things of interest than to walk along with some of the local tours. Companies like Blue Dawn Charters offer boat rentals and access to the waters around Norfolk, along with some tours too. On the land, you might want to try St. James Mill for a look right into the Industrial Revolution.

Getting back to the fitness theme, sport activities of all kinds are very popular here. Whether you play them on the land, on the sand or in the water, you can bet there’s somebody playing them here. Soccer games can be found going on in most of the major parks, but there are usually spaces available for basketball and other sports as well. Our beaches make fine places to play volleyball and waterskiing, parasailing and other water sports are frequently enjoyed in the surrounding ocean. With so many different options thanks to its location, Norfolk is an excellent place to visit for outdoors types.

What’s better than a fireworks show for those who like to watch the sky light up? Well, a fireworks show over the ocean with no artificial light to block out the brilliance of the pyrotechnics is definitely a step up. We enjoy a few firework shows throughout the year here in Norfolk, though it’s possible to send off some of your own with the right forms and all of that. There’s nothing quite like watching the sky over the bay erupt into all kinds of colors and shapes, along with the smell of sulfur in the air.

The only thing about the lot of these activities and adventures is they can become fairly costly fairly quickly. No list covering a location would be complete without something fun and free to do, now would it? Here in Norfolk, there are a number of outdoor walks available which will transport you to environments you’ve probably never seen, back where you live. There’s the Surlingham Church Marsh walk, the Burgh Castle walk and the Barton Broad, just to name a few. Some of these feature landmarks of historical significance as well, so be sure to bring your cameras.

Even with all of the different activities provided here, there is still plenty more to see and do in Norfolk. You’ll definitely want to try some of the local fried fish if you’re not allergic, and that’s just scratching the surface of all the great, fresh food available here. On top of everything else, Norfolk is definitely a nice place to visit if you like to eat well without paying much for it.