Exciting Activities To Do When You Visit Norfolk

Exciting Activities To Do When You Visit NorfolkIf you love adventure sports and outdoor activities in general, you’ll be in for a great time visiting Norfolk and the surrounding regions. The entire Norfolk and Norwich regions are made of sand and clay with no indigenous hard rock formation although you can find plenty of flint.

The area in the west known as The Wash is made of ditches and dykes, which have been created over the centuries to keep the sea from eating up the land. The rivers, which were wider before, now meander through the estuaries that lead to the sea. Even now, you can see the coastline changing continuously with many of the cliffs being eroded by tide and wind. The plenty of waterways has made the region ideal for water-based activities.

The Norfolk Broads is a famous man made broad that has 125 miles of navigable waterways. The region is also home to the only National Park in the UK, which houses a city in it. These waterways are renowned for the water-based activities they have, which include sailing, canoeing, kayaking, and boating.  Visitors can also do these activities in the sea. Further, you can fish, go crabbing, or do rock pooling in the waters. The countryside can be enjoyed on horses. Horse riding is best done at the Great Yarmouth or Fakenham region.

Although Norfolk is considerably flat with no big mountains to speak of it has its own share of hills and valleys. The Thetford forest offers splendid backdrop for trekking and hiking. There are indoor and outdoor archery ranges for those who love archery. The rangers use best recurve bows such as those available at http://archerybootcamp.com.

Exciting Activities To Do When You Visit NorfolkThe Norfolk countryside is also best to enjoy when you take the walking or cycling trips arranged here. The unspoiled and splendid coast is best enjoyed this way.  Train trips are also arranged to those who don’t want the strain of walking or cycling. Norfolk also has beautifully maintained golf courses and bird watching is another pastime that visitors and locals revel in here.

For those who don’t like outdoor activities, the exhibitions, galleries, and concerts in country and classical music help to pass the time happily. The various festivals including food and drink, literature, beer and the Norfolk and Norwich Festival which is held in May keep visitors agog with the entertainment offered. The indoor archery ranges offer another pastime for those who don’t like the outdoor adventures. These are fit for people of all ages. High quality bows such as, the Samik Sage bow- check out this site for more info, make the shooting more precise and satisfactory.

Norfolk has seen many invaders over the centuries including Romans, Normans, Americans, Dutch, and Saxons. The invasions have left behind their mark here making the city rich in cultural and architectural splendor. The Seahenge, which is dated to 2050 BC is a place that features in every travel itinerary to the place, while the Time & Tide Museum gives you a glimpse of the rich fishing industry flourishing in the region. Irrespective of whether you are an outdoor activity enthusiast or an indoor person, Norfolk has its share of activities, attractions, and adventures to suit all pockets and tastes.