Folks of Norfolk Punch Above Their Weight

Female boxer punching a bagIf you have visited County Norfolk in the North East region of the United Kingdom as a tourist or fellow Briton, getting away from the traffic and smog of your area or just visiting old friends and family, you may have noticed how much the folks down there take things in their stride. You may also have travelled with your local supporter’s club and watched your side take on the Canaries. But if you have never visited Norwich or any of the country towns within Norfolk, never mind. Spend some time with us and we’ll take you on a grand tour of all the sights and sounds and pay a visit to some of the folks who make this north eastern part of Great Britain a promising place to live in.

Still growing

To bring you up to speed, take a few moments reading some of our previous posts. There’s an earlier post on how to take control of your life – not worrying, not stressing, but making amends. We will come to that in a moment. One reason why the people of County Norfolk have managed to survive their past and are now thriving today could be that they are punching above their weight.

Whether you are a visitor or reader, you ought to take the folks from Norwich and their surrounding towns a tad more seriously. By the way, do not let the city’s top football club’s nickname deceive you. Have you ever watched them play recently? The point is this; Norfolk continues to grow stronger; culturally and economically.

Opening doors

When the people of County Norfolk are not taking themselves seriously, they are opening doors to new folks, visitors and tourists, embracing all and sundry. They are opening doors for themselves too, socially and in workmanlike fashion. But world-weary travelers will know that the people of Norfolk are only unique in regard to their regional culture, peculiar dialect and rich heritage. On all other counts, they are no different from city and country dwellers that have similar positive outlooks on life.

Just a recap on our previous post on managing stress; one of the things mentioned was engaging in healthy activities.  What better way than to take it all out on a functional free-standing heavy bag, filled with sand or water to keep it rooted to the ground while you give it all you’ve got. You might also be interested in a Muay Thai punching bag because then you can sock it, much like Norwich City FC does during a Sunday derby.  Boxing isn’t the only sport you can engage in to help you escape from the harsh realities of everyday life.

Punch above your own weight

By now, you know that there’s football (soccer) too. There’s also bowling – indoor ten pin or lawn. There’s squash and tennis. Hiking, even just plain walking. All this and more should help you to punch above your own weight where it really counts, much like the indigenous people of Norfolk have been doing for years.