Healthy And Best Gifts For The Holidays

Healthy And Best Gifts For The HolidaysWith holidays nearing, the hunt for gifts will start with vigor. With the new awareness among people on a healthy and fit lifestyle, the concept of the right gifts to give has seen a marked change in recent times. Now you can tailor your gifts to suit the lifestyle patterns. The advantages in this change  is that you get really useful and cool gifts that not only make the receiver happy, but also make them more conscious about the lifestyle changes they can introduce in their lives. Here are some top tips on some exciting and innovative gifts that you’d receive accolades for buying.

Electric Meat slicer

The meat slicer does a very smooth job of cutting think slices of beef that are partially frozen. It can save you the effort you take to slice the meat with your kitchen knife or making a trip to the butchers to have it sliced. Steaks can also be sliced with this electric slicer. Moreover the most important thing about it is, it is easy to clean and simple to handle.

Sturdy and stylish minimalist shoes

These shoes have no heel drop and are completely flat. You get good traction, so it can be used on rough terrain too like when you go on one of your jaunts into wilderness. The sole allows good feel of the ground, so you can feel pebbles, cracks and twigs easily, but not get hurt from them. The minimalist shoes are comfortable and help people who want to walk barefoot, but are not yet ready for it.

Dumbbell Handle

Heavy barbell training does not go well with some people. The unilateral single adjustable dumbbell is a good option in such instances.  You can use it for floor presses, snatches and even for kettlebell like swings. The product is dependable and with the right weights and sleeves, you can go in for the heavy lifting training without using barbells, gym equipment or squat racks.

Compression tights

Compression tights, when used after a heavy training session help in improving blood flow, faster recovery and also reduce DOMS.  I use tights that my wife had made with her new serger. While the material is the same as what is available in stores, the stitching is very good and the effect is also more appealing. The compression tights are soft on the skin and also improve proprioceptive awareness, while training. Better stability too is achieved.

Step counter

This is great for people who want to monitor their physical activities. Using the step counter, you can set a target and aim at improving your wellbeing and prevent risk of heart disease.

There are many other such thoughtful gifts that can help motivate a healthy lifestyle. My wife recently gifted me with a tee shirt that she had embroidered on her own with her new sewing machine. The design and color was excellent and I wear it as often I can. Lifestyle gifts have certainly brought in a new and good trend that is sure to improve upon in future.