Hunting in Norfolk

Hunting in NorfolkSport hunting is just one of the many entertaining activities both locals and visitors alike can enjoy here in Norfolk. Our little corner of the United Kingdom lies on the eastern bend of the main English island, north of Ipswich and right in the heart of Norwich. The location is admittedly a better place to go fishing, especially with all the immediate access to the English Channel just around the southeast peninsula. Our proximity to the water also opens up many opportunities for hunting birds, including duck, pheasant, goose and several other varieties of waterfowl, as well as other small, land-based game.

Besides brushing up on basic survival skills like catching, killing and preparing animals for food, hunting in Norfolk is a great way to get active. All that fresh air, the walking, the boating, the tracking of prey – it’s a whole lot of exercise for the entire body and even the mind as you try to outsmart various birds, fish and other animals. The one important thing to remember about hunting here in Norfolk is that you won’t get access to any firearms. There are bows and arrows and even some air rifles to be found, both of which do an adequate job or dropping anything you may want to hunt here.

For hunters who are used to taking down prey through non-traditional means, the prospect of hunting with a bow or air gun shouldn’t put off anyone eager enough to come to Norfolk. Others who are used to using guns will have some adjusting to do, to be sure. Regardless of your skill level or experience though, there’s one very easy way to get started hunting fast in Norfolk. First, make sure you have the proper equipment, maybe by visiting a website like Second, try to get yourself signed up with one of the many hunting clubs which can be found in this area.

The West Norfolk Foxhounds use dogs for their hunting excursions and they may be one of the oldest hound hunting clubs in Norfolk. Farther north, the North Norfolk Harriers also use hounds for hunting packs and have a long, storied history dating back to the 1800s. There are many other hunting parties and clubs to consider as well, but these two are some of the most popular in Norfolk, so they would make good clubs with which to begin your search. Some clubs specialize in hunting certain types of game, like birds or foxes, so look for one which matches your own interests.

If you head over to the BASC website for quarry species and shooting seasons, you’ll be able to read in detail about the different potential game here in Norfolk as well as the proper, legal seasons for hunting said game. You could get into a mountain of trouble by hunting the wrong animal, hunting during the wrong season, or hunting too much of an animal, even if it is within season. Knows the laws, rules and limitations before you make your hunting trip and you can avoid some serious hassle.