Maintaining Happy Feet

Maintaining Happy FeetHow much time do you spend on your feet on a daily basis? Most of us know that you will spend about a third of your life asleep, and depending on your job one would assume we might spend more time than that standing, walking, even running around on our feet. This of course depends on the type of job that you hold, although we have come to learn that no matter your career or lifestyle, investing in a proper pair of shoes can make a world of difference.

If your profession involves a great deal of standing and movement throughout the workday, finding the right pair of shoes in paramount. For instance, buying non-slip shoes for certain professions can be the difference between staying quick and nimble on your feet or taking a bad spill. Non-slip shoes are essential for jobs in the restaurant business, but they can also be extremely useful in healthcare. At stores for medical supplies, they offer a nice assortment of woman’s nursing shoes that are non-slip (check out some reviews at NicerShoes). There are even pleasant collections of different styles to keep your style unique.

For jobs that might be a bit more laborious, such as landscaping or construction, investing in a nice comfortable pair of boots can be the difference between coming home with a sore back and maintaining a healthy one.  Many workers are known to stand on their feet all day, along with lifting heavy materials and bending over. Finding a moderately priced pair of boots that do a good job supporting your feet and back can be difficult. Therefore we suggest finding a pair of boots that fit your budget, then investing in a pair of gel pads. Gel pads are fantastic in offering more support, while remaining relatively inexpensive. They are also easy to replace, which is ideal for a job that results in smelly boots!

Maintaining Happy FeetSpeaking of smelly, maintaining good sock habits are also important. Making sure you replace your socks daily, and have plenty of clean socks for back up goes a long way in keeping your feet from smelling. It’s also worth noting that spending those extra few dollars on a nicer package of socks creates a big difference in comfort. Having better smelling feet will not only keep yourself happy, but will also keep the people around you happy as well.

Finally, it is good to know that having proper exercise shoes can change the productivity of your entire workout. This is particularly important for running, where a solid pair of running shoes can save your feet and shins from annoying pain. In fact, many cases of shin splints can be avoided/cured by investing in a better pair of running shoes. Consulting a shoe sales person while purchasing your workout shoes is extremely beneficial as they can recommend the proper shoe for your workout routine, whether its running, lifting, or somewhere in between. Keeping your feet happy on a daily basis between work and exercise is a change that is easily obtainable, with a rich reward!