Modern Musical Technology

Modern Musical TechnologyMusical technology has come a long way since ancient times, when people might smack two sticks together or bludgeon rocks to make noises. The ways we record music have changed a lot since then too and we’ve come a long way from wax cylinders, vinyl records, 8-track tapes and the like. I can see how far we’ve come any day of the week here in Norfolk, just by checking out a local pub or tavern and listening to people playing live music. In particular, I think digital pianos have come much further than most other instruments, namely because they can emulate dozens of different sounds on one device.

Now, I’m not just writing about digital pianos to write about digital pianos – there’s a method to this madness, I assure you. For starters, it’s been proven by countless studies that the inclusion of music in a work, school or hospital environment can not only help to increase productivity, but it can even aid people in recovering from illness and injury at a faster rate. While you might have to do a little digging for evidence on the latter claim, I can’t count the number of studies I’ve read pertaining to music and its effects on productivity. They are numerous and certainly easy to find.

Getting back to the topic at hand, if you’re looking for a digital piano of your own, there are a few good places to find them. Regardless of why you want one, I’d recommend taking a look at for pertinent listings on different types of keyboards. Some of you might also have musical shops in town where you could buy instruments, recordings, sheet music and more; these are also potentially good places for you to go and find your keyboard or recorder of choice. Naturally, you would know better than I about any places like this in your town.

I already mentioned a big point about modern recorder technology – the fact they’re now able to simulate (and well) the sounds of dozens of different instruments, or even hundreds if you go with one of the high-end models available. They’re more portable than most other musical instruments and they pack up and travel well, which can’t reasonably be said for something like a tuba or a cello. Additionally, the latest keyboard do mixing and music-making pretty well too, with some even recording audio from outside (like the user’s singing) and creating files which are saved to a USB-accessible drive.

The digital pianos of today are leagues ahead of those from the past, but then those too were ages ahead of the standard pianos which came before, which were updated versions of harpsichords from a time long gone. Musical instruments are always being updated and improved it seems. Even if you aren’t looking to make a purchase but you’re more interested in seeing one of the modern digital pianos of today, then you should check this model. I’m just amazed when I see how far this particular instrument has come.