Nice Gift Ideas for Men

Nice Gift Ideas for MenHow many ties does a guy really need? It might just be the most common father’s day gift from children everywhere who don’t know what to get for the dads in their lives; heck, I know I’ve given my own dad a couple ties on different occasions. I hate getting them myself though, and I know my dad probably gritted his teeth back while unwrapping the ones from me, wishing they were something else, literally anything else. Since I’m a bit more grown now, I’ve come to understand a handful of nice gift ideas for men – things every guy can use and would appreciate getting. Things that aren’t ties.

If the main guy in your life is like my dad, then he enjoys an occasional drink. A great gift for the whiskey fan in your life would be whiskey stones, which are actually pretty damn amazing. See, they’re shaped like cubes and cut from soapstone, so they actually look a lot like ice. You freeze them and use them to cool drinks too, just like ice. The thing is, they don’t water down the drink as they cool it. This gift totally redefines having a drink “on the rocks”.

Guitar picks are crucial to those who play the stringed instruments. Mine always seem to chip or break after a limited lifetime of use, and I imagine it’s the same way for a lot of other players out there. If your guy enjoys playing guitar, he’ll probably love a personal Pick Punch, which would let him make new guitar picks on a whim by punching the pick out of any old plastic – hotel keys, credit and debit cards, literally anything made from hard plastic can be used for this.

Guys use their hands for all sorts of things, but don’t worry! Even if your gift target is usually found working a computer keyboard rather than the musical variety, there is a great gift for him. For keeping keyboards and other computer accessories clean and free of dirt and grime, there are few things better than electronics cleaning putty. This specially designed stuff won’t get stuck in the cracks and crevices of your machinery, but more importantly, it will stop other things from getting stuck there too. This can also be used to clean sports equipment like balls, bats, guards and more. It’s versatile stuff.

What could be better for a guy than a guide on how to do the things men do? 101 Things Every Man Should Know How to Do is just one of many publications which focus on this topic. Even if it turns out the majority of tasks in the book are of absolutely no interest to the gift recipient, books like this are still humorous as hell and make something good for laughing at it nothing else.

For the guy who is always building or fixing things, a magnetic wristband is a far more useful item than it might seem at first. Have you ever tried screwing something into a wall, or maybe tried fixing something in an enclosed space where you couldn’t move around much? Screws, nails and other small bits of metal get dropped all the time. With a magnetic wristband, picking them up takes no thought or time and leaves the hand free to keep holding whatever tool it was using, which leads to fewer interruptions during a job. These really are nifty items.

Candles are nice for providing low light and changing the feeling of an environment by introducing new or strange scents to a place. They’re also decidedly girly, unless you’re talking about specially made Man Candles. These canned candles come with manly scents like freshly cut grass, burning campfire, a live BBQ grill and others. Again, this might be a great gag gift if nothing else, and it certainly doesn’t cost a lot either.

Getting back to alcohol again for a moment, wine nuts of any gender will absolutely love the Corkcicle. This oddly shaped device acts as the cork for any bottle of spirits, keeping the good stuff inside and keeping everything else out of the bottle. However, it’s also a sort of spike-shaped ice tray which allows for a frozen, cold bit to sit directly in the wine, chilling it from within without watering it down. This is a gift I’d even be happy to get.

Though I can’t really support or refute the company’s claim, the Unbreakable Hatchet is an item any outdoor enthusiast in your life would probably be happy to have. It purports to be, well, unbreakable. Any guy who has ever had a hammerhead go flying off the handle during a project will understand how important it is for tools to remain in one piece. That’s doubly so for axes and hatchers with their sharp, cleaving heads.

Bacon salt is something you could get in a store or even make yourself, and I kind of recommend doing it the latter way if you can. By combining your guy’s favorite kind of bacon with his favorite kind of salt, you’ll create something he’ll be happy to use on soups, salads and other dishes, right up until it’s all gone. Simply fry up some bacon, then try it out before smashing it up and combining with the salt. Even if it doesn’t work out, this won’t become another one of those gag gifts we’ve already discussed. It’s a jar of cooked, dried bacon, so it’s food at the very least.

Who doesn’t enjoy a little music now and then? Well, did you know that secondhand and thrift stores are great places to pick up old records, tapes, CDs and other musical media? You can sometimes even find the devices needed to play these things, though it’s not something I would bet on in a pinch. A handful of publications from his favorite musical groups should put a smile on the face of any guy you’re giving a gift. It’s got that personal touch most of these entries just don’t, and it can help transport him to different places, depending on the bands in question.

There are dozens of other great gift ideas for men, but this is as far as this list is going to go. If you have any interesting gift ideas of your own though, feel free to share them here. Let’s all help each other come up with something unique to gift the men in our lives, how about it?