Organize cleaning of your home

Organize cleaning of your homeWhile some people daily clean the house like a routine job, other people state that they hate housework, and do it only when the mess becomes an embarrassment. Frequently, they justify this with a lack of time. Daily cleaning requires much less time and effort than occasionally. Sometimes, the poor organization is the reason why we hate some work, including housework. Good organization can make everything a lot easier.

Well, organize it!

Change the way of looking at things. Yes, cleaning the house can be a tedious job, but you can turn it into a fun. So plan it well. You know all those recommendations that you need to be physically active? That’s a way to connect good and useful. Cleaning requires movement, climbing, squatting moving your arms. Put on some music and watch cleaning as a form of recreation.

Make a plan. Many people go to cleaning only the idea: “Today I have to clean my house!” But where to begin? When you have a plan, it is easier to follow what you did. You can make a “room plan” and “task plan”. “Room plan” assumes that you pass through the house in a certain order – from top to bottom, from left to right, each room individually. “Task plan” means that you share your job on the tasks. For example, first pick up a mess and throw unnecessary things in all rooms. Then you go to clean the dust in all the rooms and so on, task by task.

Dust is the nightmare of every home. There is no way to get rid of it forever. Not only that it is not a nice touch to your furniture but is also an excellent food for mites that may trigger numerous respirator’s diseases. The only possible way to solve it is to take a rag in hand. Always clean the dust from top to bottom.

Pieces of furniture, clean during dusting. The soft furniture, sofas, armchairs you can clean when y u vacuuming. Many vacuum cleaners have extensions that will brush the dirt off your furniture. Pieces of furniture in the kitchen are stove and refrigerator, microwave and kitchen cabinets. They are susceptible to dirt and greasy stains. Daily cleaning after use can reduce later efforts.

Clean floors and tiles. The floors are often dirtier than they look. They have a lot of bacteria and dirt that we bring with the footwear. Between the tiles in the bathroom can be found the entire collection of bacteria and mold. Good steam cleaners can shorten the process of dipping a sponge and rubbing, and one you can find here. It can shorten the process of cleaning the whole bathroom. The heat of the steam will remove the dirt, kill bacteria, and disinfect all surfaces.

Wipe the mirror and glass. This is sometimes a Sisyphean task because on glass remain stains from rubbing. It is best to use clear water. First, wipe them with a damp microfiber cloth, then with a dry.

To shorten the process of cleaning, it is necessary to focus on the task. Turn off all possible distractions, and put all necessary cleaning agents in a bucket and carry them with you. With good organization and a different view on cleaning, your house will shine.