Outdoor Activities and Adventure in Norfolk

Outdoor-Activities-and-Adventure-in-NorfolkIt seems that just about anywhere you go in the world, there are unique activities to enjoy while outdoors. Even in cold and harsh environments near the poles, there is fishing, skiing and the like. There’s something everywhere, but that doesn’t mean every location was created equal. Here in Norfolk there are lots of fun and exciting things to do outdoors, though you’ve probably seen most of them elsewhere before. That doesn’t mean we don’t have something unique to offer visitors here – we certainly do and I’ll get into the details about that a little later.

For starters, what could be more exciting than taking a bunch of your friends out into a field and shooting them? I’m talking about paintball of course – nothing too harmful here! There are several venues offering outdoor paintball courses filled with obstacles like emptied out buses, downed helicopters and more. Some of these will look and feel like a real warzone, which totally complements the other feelings you get when you hear bullets whizzing by your head. Though they’re paintballs, the thought of getting shot gives people a sensation of suspense, and that’s something you can get here.

People in Norfolk are all about living a healthy lifestyle. Maybe it has something to do with breathing that clean air by the ocean, or maybe it has something to do with all the fresh food we eat regularly. Fishing is a major source of entertainment here and we have some of the best in terms of fish you can actually eat after catching them. Proper licensing and permits are important for fishing or hunting like in most countries, so you’ll probably want to call ahead and make arrangements if you plan to include either extensively in your itinerary. We certainly do have a lot of fishing here, boat rentals and all.

Many people have played and enjoyed games loaded with knights clad in heavy armor, wielding massive weapons of destruction and beating each other to death. Juicy ones like Dark Souls come to mind when I think about this. Simulating the experience is one thing, but what do you think it’s actually like to wear all of that armor and protective gear, and then trying to heft around a heavy weapon on top of all that? Many people find they aren’t fit enough to fight for even a few minutes once they’ve been given a full kit. See the Normal Knights at Norwich Castle and ask them yourself, if you don’t believe it.

Golf is a popular activity in most places with wide open fields and fresh air, and we’re blessed to have both here in Norfolk. The Sheringham Golf Club features a beautiful course with a fine layout, but it’s a rather pricey place to play. You could always try the Barnham Broom Hotel, which features a course on the grounds as well as a spa for those who are looking for a little pampering rather than a round of golf. After a long day on the links and walking for miles, a break like that could be just the thing for just about anyone.

Every season we get a few people who are real explorers. You know the curious types who want to see the places which aren’t often seen, and walk the paths where few others have tread. I think intrepid is the word. Well, there are few better ways to really get a feel for the pulse of Norfolk and its people, places and things of interest than to walk along with some of the local tours. Companies like Blue Dawn Charters offer boat rentals and access to the waters around Norfolk, along with some tours too. On the land, you might want to try St. James Mill for a look right into the Industrial Revolution.

Getting back to the fitness theme, sport activities of all kinds are very popular here. Whether you play them on the land, on the sand or in the water, you can bet there’s somebody playing them here. Soccer games can be found going on in most of the major parks, but there are usually spaces available for basketball and other sports as well. Our beaches make fine places to play volleyball and waterskiing, parasailing and other water sports are frequently enjoyed in the surrounding ocean. With so many different options thanks to its location, Norfolk is an excellent place to visit for outdoors types.

What’s better than a fireworks show for those who like to watch the sky light up? Well, a fireworks show over the ocean with no artificial light to block out the brilliance of the pyrotechnics is definitely a step up. We enjoy a few firework shows throughout the year here in Norfolk, though it’s possible to send off some of your own with the right forms and all of that. There’s nothing quite like watching the sky over the bay erupt into all kinds of colors and shapes, along with the smell of sulfur in the air.

The only thing about the lot of these activities and adventures is they can become fairly costly fairly quickly. No list covering a location would be complete without something fun and free to do, now would it? Here in Norfolk, there are a number of outdoor walks available which will transport you to environments you’ve probably never seen, back where you live. There’s the Surlingham Church Marsh walk, the Burgh Castle walk and the Barton Broad, just to name a few. Some of these feature landmarks of historical significance as well, so be sure to bring your cameras.

Even with all of the different activities provided here, there is still plenty more to see and do in Norfolk. You’ll definitely want to try some of the local fried fish if you’re not allergic, and that’s just scratching the surface of all the great, fresh food available here. On top of everything else, Norfolk is definitely a nice place to visit if you like to eat well without paying much for it.