7 safety tips for your home

7 safety tips for your homeAccidents can always happen, even when you think you are safe – in your home. However, if you pay attention, you may notice that your home is not so safe as you think. Some things you can make better. For example, some of these!

1.    Check your smoke detector regularly. It is not enough just to have it to be safe. It is necessary that it is correct, and that it works properly. Regularly clean and maintain it because the dust can disable it. Also, during the time, the batteries run out.

2.    Get a carbon monoxide detector. Wherever there is combustion of certain types of fuels, there should be a carbon monoxide alarm. This is a device that you must have if you heat the house by burning a coal, wood or something else. Carbon monoxide is very dangerous because it is colorless and odorless, and you will not notice its effect until it is too late.

3.    Keep guns locked up. If you have any weapons in the house, either because the profession, or because you are a fan of hunting, the safest way is to keep it locked in safes like these. You never know when will the curiosity of your family members, especially children, beat reasonableness.

4.    Protect yourself from burglars. To do this, you must take a lot of precautions. One way is to get a good security alarm and security door. However, this is not the only way to burglars gets into your home. So, go through the house and watch it with the eyes of the burglars. Check the windows, rear entrances, basements. Let the yard is well lighted.

5.    Check your stairs. If you have stairs in the house, you might need to know that they are a very common cause of home accidents and falls. Of course, it’s impossible to get them out of the house, but you can make them safer. They must have a fence. If the surface of the stairs is slippery, place over them a carpet. Make sure it is properly attached to the stairs. If you have small children, set baby gates.

6.    Secure electrical installations. This is another very important issue, especially when you have small children in the house. Cables and connectors are in their vision field, and they can very easily become the object of their curiosity. This curiosity can lead them into danger. So hide well all cables and cover all sockets.

7.    Do not leave clear signs that you are not at home. It is wonderful to publish on a social networking that you are traveling on a family trip, but it is much safer to boast with this when you get home. Do not post when you are not at home, when the kids are in school and when they are alone at home. Pick up all the newspapers and flyers in front of the door – they draw attention that you are not there.

Norfolk is not a place world famous for the crime. Whether you live there or in any other part of the world, these safety tips can save lives. Accidents waiting for you when you’re not ready for them. Outsmart them.


Great Household Appliances For Minimizing Your Effort

Running a household can be a pretty exhausting ordeal, especially if you have children. It doesn’t involve just cooking and cleaning, but also doing the laundry, ironing, taking care of groceries and organizing all the things you’ve accumulated along the way.

Fortunately, there are ways for making it easier for yourself. One of the best strategies is to divide the work among people who live with you, which includes your children. No matter how young they are, it is never too early to teach them something about what makes an adult life.

But apart from this, you’ll probably need other things to help you around. Nowadays there are so many helpful household appliances that will minimize the amount of work that needs to be done, and here we will list the ones that we think are worthy of an investment.

Clothes dryer

Although most people already have this one, some of us are still pondering whether to buy it or not. The answer, especially if you have children, is definitely yes. Just think how wonderful it would be not having to unload your clothes from the washing machine, stretch it on the drying rope and then wait for God knows how long before it’s completely dry.

Steam iron

Doing laundry is not just about loading it into the washing machine. Your chores will always involve ironing as well. This can be a really tiresome and time-consuming experience, especially if you have to do it over and over again because your iron is not of a very high quality. This is why it would be best to invest in a good steam iron, such as those you can find reviewed on this website.

Stand mixer

This is a pretty handy household appliance, especially if you’re into baking. Although cookies can be easily made with either a hand mixer or a spatula, nothing beats a stand mixer when you have to make frosting, ice cream or anything that requires a lot of mixing. By using it, you will be able to organize your time more efficiently.

Electric water boiler

Apart from cutting, stuffing, mixing and frying, cooking also involves a lot of waiting. For example, you’ll need to boil water almost every time you’re making lunch or dinner. This is where the electric water boiler comes in. It will save you plenty of time just by making sure you don’t need to wait around for the water to boil.


There are plenty of ways you can use a microwave. Apart from heating up your food, which will certainly come in handy regardless of your lifestyle, you can also use it to defrost groceries and the food you’ve prepared in advance. You can even make cookies without baking them!

Slow cooker

This is an absolute must-have for a family with working parents. By using this appliance, you can prepare ingredients, toss them into your cooker, turn it on, and leave for work knowing that by the time you come home, your lunch will be ready!


Folks of Norfolk Punch Above Their Weight

Female boxer punching a bagIf you have visited County Norfolk in the North East region of the United Kingdom as a tourist or fellow Briton, getting away from the traffic and smog of your area or just visiting old friends and family, you may have noticed how much the folks down there take things in their stride. You may also have travelled with your local supporter’s club and watched your side take on the Canaries. But if you have never visited Norwich or any of the country towns within Norfolk, never mind. Spend some time with us and we’ll take you on a grand tour of all the sights and sounds and pay a visit to some of the folks who make this north eastern part of Great Britain a promising place to live in.

Still growing

To bring you up to speed, take a few moments reading some of our previous posts. There’s an earlier post on how to take control of your life – not worrying, not stressing, but making amends. We will come to that in a moment. One reason why the people of County Norfolk have managed to survive their past and are now thriving today could be that they are punching above their weight.

Whether you are a visitor or reader, you ought to take the folks from Norwich and their surrounding towns a tad more seriously. By the way, do not let the city’s top football club’s nickname deceive you. Have you ever watched them play recently? The point is this; Norfolk continues to grow stronger; culturally and economically.

Opening doors

When the people of County Norfolk are not taking themselves seriously, they are opening doors to new folks, visitors and tourists, embracing all and sundry. They are opening doors for themselves too, socially and in workmanlike fashion. But world-weary travelers will know that the people of Norfolk are only unique in regard to their regional culture, peculiar dialect and rich heritage. On all other counts, they are no different from city and country dwellers that have similar positive outlooks on life.

Just a recap on our previous post on managing stress; one of the things mentioned was engaging in healthy activities.  What better way than to take it all out on a functional free-standing heavy bag, filled with sand or water to keep it rooted to the ground while you give it all you’ve got. You might also be interested in a Muay Thai punching bag because then you can sock it, much like Norwich City FC does during a Sunday derby.  Boxing isn’t the only sport you can engage in to help you escape from the harsh realities of everyday life.

Punch above your own weight

By now, you know that there’s football (soccer) too. There’s also bowling – indoor ten pin or lawn. There’s squash and tennis. Hiking, even just plain walking. All this and more should help you to punch above your own weight where it really counts, much like the indigenous people of Norfolk have been doing for years.


How to Reuse Wooden Pallets for The Enjoyment

business-21823_1920There are many ways to enjoy the Norfolk, a lot of beautiful places to visit and activities that you can try. If you really know to enjoy, then you will find a way to see the beauty in everything. You will find a way to turn ordinary things into beautiful and useful things – ideal for the enjoyment. For instance, you can make really great things from ordinary wooden pallets.

You can find pallets for free or buy them at a reasonable price. Best of all is that they do not need a lot of processing. It is usually enough to clean them, paint and connect them. Here are some good ideas that will allow you to enjoy with little effort and little investment.

Garden furniture

If you have a nice yard, then you need a beautiful garden furniture. You can buy it, but you can also take some time to make garden furniture alone. For a large sofa or a two-seater, you need two wooden pallets. You will place one on the ground as the seat, and the other will serve as a backrest. You do not have a garden? No matter! With some pillows as decoration, this furniture can be great for the enjoyment on the terrace, or to be part of your interior.

Swimming pool

House with swimming pool does not have to be a motive in your dreams. You can make a pool of pallets in your backyard. Unlike furniture, pool construction requires more skills and experience. It is necessary to make bottom and sturdy walls of pallets. They should bear the water pressure. This is a big job, but the reward is a real pleasure. A good framing nailer can ease your work when you are working with pallets or with other wooden surfaces. This place shows what are the best framing nailers on the market and how to select the one that suit you. When you make an armor for the pool, then you should cover the pool with the foil, to prevent water from leaking. With a little effort, a little skill and a good tool, your dreams can become a reality.

Deck chairs

To complete the experience in your backyard, beside garden furniture and swimming pool, it is good to have deck chairs. They can easily be made from pallets. You need three pallets. One will serve for a backrest, and two for lying part. This is not easy, but if you manage to create the pool, making deck chairs will be a simple project, especially if you have a good tool.

The bed

Did you know that, for a comfortable bed, you only need to get few pallets? Just arrange them to get the correct length and width and set mattresses. You will have a solid and flat surface for sleeping and enjoyment.

The bar

The bar can be a good and useful decor in your house or in the courtyard. You can make a beautiful bar from a few upright  pallets. Repaint them and place over them a flat board on which you can put your margarita. Call your friends and have fun!

You do not need to be in Norfolk to enjoy. Pallets can be purchased anywhere. Use them for enjoyment or for any other purpose! It is simple!


The foods you cannot miss in Norfolk!

The foods you cannot miss in Norfolk! Norfolk is this beautiful county in the United Kingdom which always has something to offer to its people and the tourists. It covers an area of 2074 square miles and has some of the best and the most beautiful scenic spots. The North Sea covers the northern and the eastern boundaries of Norfolk.

Here, you can engage in a number of activities like water sports, visiting exhibitions, participating in theatres and the likes. Fishing is also common in this part of the world. If you are a fishing enthusiast visiting Norfolk, you might find http://fishinggadgetshub.com/ helpful.

But one thing Norfolk is famous for here is the food. It brings you some of the best dishes on a platter, pleasing your taste buds like nothing else. You will get an assortment of edibles that you will cherish. Let us go through a list of some of the best this county has to offer!

Stiffkey cockles: This is one of Norfolk’s favorite, coming in lighter colors of grey or lavender. These make for a sumptuous meal. What you can do is get these steamed and include it in your soup. You could also eat it separately with some vinegar.

Mustard: Norfolk is famous for its lush yellow mustard fields. A little into the country side, you will be greeted by large mustard cultivations that you have to try out. There are plenty of preparations with this ingredient of course!

Turkey: In this part of the world, turkey is not only reserved for the special Thanksgiving day. It is a delightful meal during any time of the year. Turkey meatballs are a common item in a lot of restaurant menus here.

Cheese: Every place in the world has a characteristic food item to define itself. You can identify France with the best champagnes. In Norfolk, the heavenly name is cheese. One of the best cheese productions in the whole of the United Kingdom happens in this small country and you will love it here. The blue veined cheese is something that you will absolutely cherish!

The foods you cannot miss in Norfolk!Cromer crab: These small brown crabs are treated as a big delicacy in this county. These are sweet and these are meaty, ideal for the sea food lover. There is a reason why cromer crabs are so common here. These are extremely healthy and these come with low fat content. These crabs, with black pepper and lemon juice form a great meal for most of the people in Norfolk. If you ever go fishing in the Norfolk waters, remember that the meaty cromer crabs thrive in the shallow waters! Click here to get help on your fishing adventures with these fish finders.

Beer & Whiskey: Norfolk is sure to quench your thirst for beer. With the maximum number of microbreweries in the country, this place will surely give you a good drink to enjoy your stay here. The whiskey is award winning here attracting attention from the tourists.

With a list of some of the best foods in Norfolk, we assure you that the food lovers won’t be disappointed here!


Putting Stress to Bed for Better Health

Putting Stress to Bed for Better HealthYou’ve probably heard it countless times in the past: lines about how stress that doesn’t get dealt with has some serious negative impacts on the health of the person suffering from it. There are countless studies around proving the links between stress and many types of illnesses, both physical and mental. We’re not going to talk about that today. Instead, discussing good ways to relieve that pent up stress seems like a much better idea. Why worry about getting hurt by something if you have the tools and knowledge to defeat it? So, here are a few different ways to relieve your stress.

Stress of the body can come from a number of sources, but for many people who suffer from it regularly the main culprit is a highly physical job. If there is a lot of lifting, bending, dipping, turning, standing and otherwise being on your feet and bearing burdens, this could be the cause for your physical stress too. Muscles which are worked too hard for too long will naturally start to hurt and then may refuse to stop without some sort of intervention. Rather than using NSAIDs or other pain relievers, you might consider getting a deep tissue massage, or just taking a few days off. This works for most people.

Mental stress is a little more difficult to deal with than physical stress. This is in part because the sources of mental stress are often more varied than the sources of physical stress. It could be a work thing, but it could also be arguments with a significant other, or failing to pass a test in school, or even being bombarded by music you hate for a long period of time. One solution for this is to play some music you actually like, maybe with a trumpet or some other instrument you enjoy and have the skill to play. If you’re no musician, drowning out all that noise with some favorite songs could work too.

Oddly enough, stress can make it difficult for many people to sleep as they lie awake at night, trying to figure out how to resolve a problem, or deal with a nuisance so it won’t bother them anymore. But sleep is an excellent way to get rid of stress; giving the body and mind some simple rest can go a long way towards improving your outlook and giving you the capability to deal with those stressors when you meet them again. If you know you’re not getting enough sleep, do something about it.

In closing, there’s just one more thing to say. Not all stress is bad. There are actually two different kinds – eustress, which is good, and distress, which is bad. Good stress intones things like exercising, or taking the stairs rather than the elevator at work, or going for a leisurely drive without the hassle of traffic. Sometimes a good cure for the distress which is bogging you down is to combat it with some eustress that makes your mind and body feel good.


Surprising Business With Potential In Norfolk

Surprising Business With Potential In NorfolkNorfolk is a wonderful place and there are numerous things that can be done when one decides to visit the area. It is full of attractions to be enjoyed by its visitors as well as local residents and can be seen as one of the hidden gems in the United Kingdom. However, even in such a place the economic downturn that has taken most of the world by storm has led to its residents looking for fresh ideas and new ways of making money.

The need to come up with such ideas has come as a result of the older business functions no longer being as reliable as they were before. The more traditional means of doing business has slowly felt the toll that has been experienced financially and as a result more and more people are suffering from the lack of financial stability that is taking place in many homesteads around the world.

There are a number of businesses however that can be seen to be able to survive the economic downturn that was earlier mentioned. These new ideas on businesses may surprisingly not be as out of this world as one may think. When the mention of new ideas comes into play, one thinks of new businesses that have perhaps not even been invented before but this is not the case. Just like a good food smoker like those at Smokey Steak Ranch the idea of a good business still needs skilled hands in order to properly cook the notion to its fruition. There are a number of businesses that are already in existence but for some reason or another, they have been viewed as either unstable in the setup or simply not reliable enough for one to risk their investments on.

Most individuals look at the notion of starting their own business as one of great involvement and as a result, great risk. When one thinks of a means to invest their savings, the usual idea is that such an investment needs to be a significant one and thus one that will either succeed and ensure the survival of their family for generations to come, or fail and risk making their current situation even worse than it was before.

However, there is another way of looking at this equation, where one does not use as much money as they can when investing and instead of looking for something that will make an individual rich beyond belief, looking for an idea that will be able to comfortably sustain an individual and their family without necessary significantly increasing their financial wealth in the process. Some of these businesses include:

  1. Barbeque Spots – Barbeques are still a popular activity that takes place in Norfolk and thus it holds a lot of potential for one who may be looking to earn some extra money. One does not have to setup an official establishment however and all one needs is a decent BBQ smoker to get started.
  2. Outdoor Cafes – This is also a simple means of making some extra money through the delivery of hot beverages throughout the region through the means of a portable urn that can easily be carried from place to place.

Hunting in Norfolk

Hunting in NorfolkSport hunting is just one of the many entertaining activities both locals and visitors alike can enjoy here in Norfolk. Our little corner of the United Kingdom lies on the eastern bend of the main English island, north of Ipswich and right in the heart of Norwich. The location is admittedly a better place to go fishing, especially with all the immediate access to the English Channel just around the southeast peninsula. Our proximity to the water also opens up many opportunities for hunting birds, including duck, pheasant, goose and several other varieties of waterfowl, as well as other small, land-based game.

Besides brushing up on basic survival skills like catching, killing and preparing animals for food, hunting in Norfolk is a great way to get active. All that fresh air, the walking, the boating, the tracking of prey – it’s a whole lot of exercise for the entire body and even the mind as you try to outsmart various birds, fish and other animals. The one important thing to remember about hunting here in Norfolk is that you won’t get access to any firearms. There are bows and arrows and even some air rifles to be found, both of which do an adequate job or dropping anything you may want to hunt here.

For hunters who are used to taking down prey through non-traditional means, the prospect of hunting with a bow or air gun shouldn’t put off anyone eager enough to come to Norfolk. Others who are used to using guns will have some adjusting to do, to be sure. Regardless of your skill level or experience though, there’s one very easy way to get started hunting fast in Norfolk. First, make sure you have the proper equipment, maybe by visiting a website like http://edgehunting.com. Second, try to get yourself signed up with one of the many hunting clubs which can be found in this area.

The West Norfolk Foxhounds use dogs for their hunting excursions and they may be one of the oldest hound hunting clubs in Norfolk. Farther north, the North Norfolk Harriers also use hounds for hunting packs and have a long, storied history dating back to the 1800s. There are many other hunting parties and clubs to consider as well, but these two are some of the most popular in Norfolk, so they would make good clubs with which to begin your search. Some clubs specialize in hunting certain types of game, like birds or foxes, so look for one which matches your own interests.

If you head over to the BASC website for quarry species and shooting seasons, you’ll be able to read in detail about the different potential game here in Norfolk as well as the proper, legal seasons for hunting said game. You could get into a mountain of trouble by hunting the wrong animal, hunting during the wrong season, or hunting too much of an animal, even if it is within season. Knows the laws, rules and limitations before you make your hunting trip and you can avoid some serious hassle.


Exciting Activities To Do When You Visit Norfolk

Exciting Activities To Do When You Visit NorfolkIf you love adventure sports and outdoor activities in general, you’ll be in for a great time visiting Norfolk and the surrounding regions. The entire Norfolk and Norwich regions are made of sand and clay with no indigenous hard rock formation although you can find plenty of flint.

The area in the west known as The Wash is made of ditches and dykes, which have been created over the centuries to keep the sea from eating up the land. The rivers, which were wider before, now meander through the estuaries that lead to the sea. Even now, you can see the coastline changing continuously with many of the cliffs being eroded by tide and wind. The plenty of waterways has made the region ideal for water-based activities.

The Norfolk Broads is a famous man made broad that has 125 miles of navigable waterways. The region is also home to the only National Park in the UK, which houses a city in it. These waterways are renowned for the water-based activities they have, which include sailing, canoeing, kayaking, and boating.  Visitors can also do these activities in the sea. Further, you can fish, go crabbing, or do rock pooling in the waters. The countryside can be enjoyed on horses. Horse riding is best done at the Great Yarmouth or Fakenham region.

Although Norfolk is considerably flat with no big mountains to speak of it has its own share of hills and valleys. The Thetford forest offers splendid backdrop for trekking and hiking. There are indoor and outdoor archery ranges for those who love archery. The rangers use best recurve bows such as those available at http://archerybootcamp.com.

Exciting Activities To Do When You Visit NorfolkThe Norfolk countryside is also best to enjoy when you take the walking or cycling trips arranged here. The unspoiled and splendid coast is best enjoyed this way.  Train trips are also arranged to those who don’t want the strain of walking or cycling. Norfolk also has beautifully maintained golf courses and bird watching is another pastime that visitors and locals revel in here.

For those who don’t like outdoor activities, the exhibitions, galleries, and concerts in country and classical music help to pass the time happily. The various festivals including food and drink, literature, beer and the Norfolk and Norwich Festival which is held in May keep visitors agog with the entertainment offered. The indoor archery ranges offer another pastime for those who don’t like the outdoor adventures. These are fit for people of all ages. High quality bows such as, the Samik Sage bow- check out this site for more info, make the shooting more precise and satisfactory.

Norfolk has seen many invaders over the centuries including Romans, Normans, Americans, Dutch, and Saxons. The invasions have left behind their mark here making the city rich in cultural and architectural splendor. The Seahenge, which is dated to 2050 BC is a place that features in every travel itinerary to the place, while the Time & Tide Museum gives you a glimpse of the rich fishing industry flourishing in the region. Irrespective of whether you are an outdoor activity enthusiast or an indoor person, Norfolk has its share of activities, attractions, and adventures to suit all pockets and tastes.


A holiday in Norfolk

A holiday in NorfolkSpending a holiday in Norfolk is a memorable occasion for all as the place caters to all categories of tourists. Norfolk offers plenty of places to visit. You can view stately homes, beautifully landscaped gardens, steam railways, the Broads, and nature reserves. The variety of craft shops and local cuisine are best seen during the mornings and afternoon. The coast offers great boat getaways where you can watch seals and gain a new perspective on wildlife in coastal area. Other places of interest to see in Norfolk include,


This is a quaint coastal village with a winding and narrow high street and back lanes. You can see kids crabbing or gillying on the quayside using lines available locally.  Another spot of interest here is the Blakeney Point, which is home to grey seals and offers sanctuary to bird species too. You can arrange boat trips that extend over an hour. Boats depart from the Morston Quay to this spot. Some boat trips let you to disembark on Blakeney Point for nearly an hour.


If you are a fan of ghost stories and haunted bungalows, a visit to Blickling Estate should be part of your itinerary. The estate owned earlier by Boleyn family is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of Anne Boleyn even after the building had been rebuilt entirely during 17th century. The library and long gallery are highly impressive. The main attraction of the estate however is the park and splendidly kept gardens. The place offers the best view on a sunny and bright day. If you happen to travel by night, make sure you have good led light bars installed in your vehicle. It makes driving easier, faster, and safe.


Broads in Norfolk is the name given to 117 square miles of navigable rivers and lakes. The area was created as a result of flooding of peat pits in the medieval era when the sea level increased. This resulted in reed beds and marshes being formed. You can find wildlife and birds in plenty here. It is also possible to visit the place on your own by renting a boat for both short breaks and day trips. From Potter Heigham the River Thurne looks very pretty.

Burnham Market

For avid shoppers, Burnham market is the place to visit in Norfolk. The place has classic flint and brick villages and stately Georgian houses surrounding a central green region. The shops have great selection of crafts and clothing. Humble pie, fresh local fish are some of the hot favorites here.

Historic halls

For those who like the classic lines of historical homes, the Holkham and Houghton hall in Norfolk are great places to visit. Holkham Hall is a Palladian mansion built back in the 18th century. The mansion has paintings by famous artists such as Van Dyck and Rubens. The trompe l’oiel ceilings in the mansion are also great to view.

Houghton Hall, which had been home to the first British Prime Minister, was designed by the famous designer William Kent. The gigantic walled garden and collection of model soldiers are highlights of this place.