Putting Stress to Bed for Better Health

Putting Stress to Bed for Better HealthYou’ve probably heard it countless times in the past: lines about how stress that doesn’t get dealt with has some serious negative impacts on the health of the person suffering from it. There are countless studies around proving the links between stress and many types of illnesses, both physical and mental. We’re not going to talk about that today. Instead, discussing good ways to relieve that pent up stress seems like a much better idea. Why worry about getting hurt by something if you have the tools and knowledge to defeat it? So, here are a few different ways to relieve your stress.

Stress of the body can come from a number of sources, but for many people who suffer from it regularly the main culprit is a highly physical job. If there is a lot of lifting, bending, dipping, turning, standing and otherwise being on your feet and bearing burdens, this could be the cause for your physical stress too. Muscles which are worked too hard for too long will naturally start to hurt and then may refuse to stop without some sort of intervention. Rather than using NSAIDs or other pain relievers, you might consider getting a deep tissue massage, or just taking a few days off. This works for most people.

Mental stress is a little more difficult to deal with than physical stress. This is in part because the sources of mental stress are often more varied than the sources of physical stress. It could be a work thing, but it could also be arguments with a significant other, or failing to pass a test in school, or even being bombarded by music you hate for a long period of time. One solution for this is to play some music you actually like, maybe with a trumpet or some other instrument you enjoy and have the skill to play. If you’re no musician, drowning out all that noise with some favorite songs could work too.

Oddly enough, stress can make it difficult for many people to sleep as they lie awake at night, trying to figure out how to resolve a problem, or deal with a nuisance so it won’t bother them anymore. But sleep is an excellent way to get rid of stress; giving the body and mind some simple rest can go a long way towards improving your outlook and giving you the capability to deal with those stressors when you meet them again. If you know you’re not getting enough sleep, do something about it.

In closing, there’s just one more thing to say. Not all stress is bad. There are actually two different kinds – eustress, which is good, and distress, which is bad. Good stress intones things like exercising, or taking the stairs rather than the elevator at work, or going for a leisurely drive without the hassle of traffic. Sometimes a good cure for the distress which is bogging you down is to combat it with some eustress that makes your mind and body feel good.