Tips For A Happy, Peaceful And Healthy Lifestyle

Tips For A Happy, Peaceful And Healthy LifestyleWe had a health camp in our community recently where all folks in the area were screened for lifestyle diseases. The fast pace of life we live today that is entirely dependent on technology has left us with very little physical tasks to do. The reduced physical activity has resulted in the increase in life style diseases and also mental illnesses.

There were psychologists too in the screening camp who were on a dual purpose of preventing both physical and mental illness, and promote a healthy lifestyle. The psychologists explained on how technological dependence has led to being disconnected socially and an increased incidence of stress, lack of sleep etc. which have done quite a great deal of harm to our health.

I was surprised to note that psychologists play an important role in dealing with lifestyle diseases and habits, so an improvement in living quality is improved.  They deal with both chronic diseases and physical illness and the underlying issues so a more comprehensive treatment can be arrived at. Here are some simple steps that can help you turn your life into a healthy and fit one.

Breathing for healthy life

Deep breaths have surprisingly amazing benefits. Most often people tend to breathe into the chest or what is called as thoracic breathing. But the right way to breathe is to do diaphragmatically. In a diaphragmatic breathing, you take deep and slow breaths into your belly. This type of breathing is very effective for stress management, as it is free and can be done anywhere and at any given time. There are even mobile phone apps for guiding you on the deep breathing, so you can practice properly.

Focus your thoughts

Dwelling on the never-ending list of things you need to do can put your mind in a spin. You need to take some time to relax. When you listen to the inner thoughts and be mindful of them, so you think objectively, a positive effect on your life and behavior can be achieved.

Physical health is important

For an optimal physical health, you need to do physical activities that combine strength training and aerobic exercise for about 90 minutes per day. Though this may be overwhelming, doing the exercise for 20 minutes on three days in a weeks or taking thousand steps per day would be a moderate form that can improve your longevity. Whenever I can’t make it to the gym, I put on my boxing gloves and do several rounds of at the punching bag, which I find is useful as exercise, and also is a great stress buster for me.

Shun negative thoughts

Depression and the ensuing illnesses can be prevented, if people stop being judgmental or resort to negative thoughts. This is far more dangerous and can have fatal consequences. Learning the art of being self-compassionate is necessary to be relieved of this type of stress.

If you want to lend a helping hand to others and improve your lifestyle, you should be fit in mind and body to do so. Self-care is therefore an important step towards a better, healthy and happy lifestyle.