Tourist Attractions in Norfolk

Tourist Attractions in NorfolkOne of the best tourist attractions in Norfolk is the Norfolk Broads. The Norfolk Broads is a vast piece of nature where you can go fishing, boating or canoeing for an entire day with your family. You can also sit near some of the area’s ponds and check out the rivers that surround the Norfolk Broads. Another idea is to rent a bike and ride around to visit different cafes and restaurants near the Broads. While at the Norfolk Broads you should ride on one of the Norfolk Wherries and these are tall vessel boats. Tourists can sail across the waters along the Norfolk Broads and have a great time.

Norwich Puppet Theater

The county of Norfolk has something for kids to do and with the Norwich Puppet Theater in the town of Norwich you and the kids will have a great time watching fun puppet shows. The Norwich Puppet Theater was established in 1980. Each year the theater hosts an International Puppet Festival where puppeteers from around the world participate in a variety of fun activities.

Church of St. Julian and Shrine

The Chruch of St. Julian is located in Norwich and is one of the oldest churches in the city. This church is named after a 14th century female mystic and anchoress named Julian. She was called Julian because her real name is not known and she had strong ties to the church. The mystic also spent a lot of time in contemplation. When she was alive many people came to her for advice and comfort.

Hang Out in Blakeney

Another great place to hang out in the Norfolk region is the town of Blakeney. Blakeney gets plenty of tourists during the summer especially and if you visit the town’s Blakeney Point you and the family can enjoy some neat outdoor activities such as crabbing and other fishing activities, canoeing and observing birds. Blakeney also has some neat restaurants and boutiques.

North Norfolk Coast Site of Special Scientific Interest

This center is located in the northern section of Norfolk and it houses some of the most interesting species of wildlife. Some of the habitats you’ll find here include salt marshes, river beds, and a host of beautiful birds. You’ll also find ducks and various types of invertebrates. This sites dates back to the Iron Age and a naval port from the ancient Roman conquest was also on this site in centuries past. Beginning in 1912 efforts were made to conserve the area by banker Charles Rothschild and the UK’s National Trust has managed the site since that time.


Norfolk has plenty to offer tourists and with the above mentioned attractions you and the family will have a great time there. You want to bring some travel brochures with you and maps so that you’ll know

where certain places are in the region. If you have friends in Norfolk call them before your trip and see if they can let you stay with them if you’re not able to find an affordable hotel.