Welcome To Norfolk

Welcome To NorfolkNorfolk is a county near the eastern section of England and is the seventh most populated region in England. The bulk of Norfolk’s economy is based on tourism, energy, engineering and manufacturing. As for agriculture the main crops of Norfolk are wheat, barley, sugar beet and saffron. Norfolk is also home to BBC East Radio and there is a Royal Air Force base located in this region. Here is more information on Norfolk UK.

Norfolk Broads

If you love to spend time in nature then you’ll like the Norfolk Broads because it is a beautiful wilderness filled with rivers, barren land and wildlife. People often visit the Norfolk Broads to go boating, fishing and canoeing, and it is a fun adventure for the entire family. If you love birdwatching the Norfolk Broads is an excellent place to visit since you’ll see birds everywhere in the air. The Norwalk Broads includes three main rivers; Yare, Waveney and Bure. The Norfolk Broads is the UK’s largest wetland area.

Public Transportation in Norfolk

One good thing about living in Norfolk is that you don’t have to drive everywhere but instead you can ride public transportation thanks to a bus service called Norfolk Green. Norfolk Green makes stops across various cities within Norfolk and the service is excellent. You’ll need cash or a bus pass to get ona Norfolk Green bus and there are discounts available for senior citizens.

Prehistoric Landmarks in Norfolk

The Bloodgate Hill Hillfort is an Iron Age era landmark that also includes a few Iron Age pottery relics that were found by some archaeologists. There are also the Grimes Graves and these are Neolithic era structures that are some of the most popular in the UK. These are not really graves but rather mines that include 350 hollows. In prehistoric times these mines were where people created weapons. This is a benefit of living in or visiting Norfolk because you’re in a county that dates back to prehistoric times.

 Finding Work in Norfolk

The two main sources of economic growth in recent years in Norfolk are retail and the financial sector so if you plan to relocate to Norfolk, these industries are great for employment. Norfolk is also home to a booming manufacturing sector and in food processing especially. If you need to get additional training for these jobs, Norfolk has plenty of training centers and colleges available. For those seeking work in financial services you can take classes at the Kaplan Financial Training Company or at BPP.

Check Out Cromer

The small town of Cromer is a popular area in Norfolk for families who love the beaches and delicious seafood. Here you will find luxurious Victorian style homes and a few tall hotels along with harbors that are located inside the beautiful waters of the town. For the shoppers in your life you can take them to some of the local boutiques to get everything from clothes to regional food staples to bring back home. While you’re in Cromer you and the family can catch some fish such as crabs and cook and enjoy it for a few hours.

About Norwich

Norwich is a major city and the county seat of Norfolk county. Norwich has a population of  213,000 and has been the home of a huge shoemaking industry for several decades before the 1990s. Since that decade Norwich’s economy is based on the service sector, financial and business services, retail and tourism. If you plan to live in Norwich you can find decent paying jobs in these sectors. There is also the Norwich Research Park, which was designed to foster science and medical research. This added even more jobs to Norwich’s economy. Norwich has two universities you can attend if you want to build a new career and these schools are University of East Anglia and Norwich University of the Arts.

If you’re into music you’ll like the Norfolk and Norwich Festival and there is always live music at Norwich Arts Centre. The Norwich Castle Museum contains artifacts that were found throughout the county dating back centuries. There is also the Norwich Aviation Museum where families can learn about the history and culture of aviation in the county of Norfolk and the UK in general.

About King’s Lynn

If you’re visiting Norfolk you need to visit the town of King’s Lynn because this is a charming seaport city that offers a break from the big cities within the UK. In King’s Lynn you’ll see two theaters, a few museums along with a few restaurants. King’s Lynn was a somewhat sleepy town until 2004 when plans were put in place to renovate the area. A car park area was built and some new luxurious housing developments were built. A business park was built recently and a Tesco store was also built here, creating hundreds of new jobs. In the past there has been a pattern of low employment and  low levels of preparedness for the workforce but thanks to the area’s redevelopment, things are changing.

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

In the UK there is socialized healthcare and the National Health Service is in charge for providing healthcare for residents. If you just moved to Norfolk you will probably receive services from the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. You’ll receive service that pertains to general health, sexual health, mental health, radiology, cardiology and other medical needs. This hospital is sponsored by the NHS.


Norfolk is a region that is filled with a rich history and culture. When you visit Norfolk you’ll enjoy the friendliness of the people and the numerous activities you can enjoy there. Before heading to Norfolk it would be a good idea to do research on the region and meet with a travel agent who is knowledgeable about travel in Norfolk. Make sure you obtain a passport before arriving in Norfolk and a phrasebook is helpful to understand some of the regional slang and dialect there. Finally, enjoy your vacation and build new friendships with the locals.